Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving was definitely different with two babies to think about! We usually are pretty flexible, with both families within driving distances, so sometimes we do both sides of the family in one day. This year required a little more advance planning, which is tough with relatives on both sides traveling in at different times. But we made it work! We went to Alex's mom's on Thanksgiving, and it felt like we packed every single baby item in our house! We brought carriers and bouncy seats and plenty of diapers...I'm sure we didn't use half of it when we got there. I had their cute Thanksgiving shirts on, and of course Henry peed on his as soon as we got down there and changed his diaper! (Shows me that planning doesn't mean much with babies!)

This was our first trip to his parents' and the boys' first meeting with most of their family on that side. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but we did get a pretty cute cousin picture. The boys' cousin Emma plays violin, and had hers with her that day. It was the CUTEST thing ever when she got it out and played "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for them! Holden just stared at her while she played...I so wish I had that on video!! :) They also got to meet their cousin Josh, who's just a few months older than they are. He lives far away, but it'll be fun to watch them grow up together so close in age!

On Friday, we went to my mom's house. Not too much to say, another yummy meal and lots of baby passing/holding. We played games and just hung out! Got a few pictures of everyone holding the boys. It's funny to think ahead to next year, and how they won't be in someone's arms or in the car seats sleeping. They'll be big boys, sitting up at the table and probably stealing food off of people's plates, or flinging it at each other!! So here are pictures with grandma and grandpa, Uncle Evan and Aunt Lauren, and a family picture.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Two months!

Hard to believe...we made it to two months! Time for another set of stats. Both boys are 9 pounds, 9 ounces this month! We've made it to size one diapers. Still sleeping in the car seats, in the swaddles, in the crib. They sleep 4-5 hour stretches at night, and they love looking at their mobile as they fall asleep! Still no regular naps, but they will sleep in the swing or while someone is holding them during the day. They are starting to smile and interact more, and both are still very sweet! They're easily consoled if someone is holding them. :) We also started tub baths, which they seem to enjoy. They both have sensitive skin, so they can't take long baths, but they look pretty cute splashing around.

Holden on the left, Henry on the right. (He looks like he's asleep, but he's not.)

Ok, so the two month pictures aren't that great either...I meant to try again a different day and forgot! But at least it shows the progress from month one.