Saturday, July 26, 2014

365 Project Week 29

Another week with lots of phone camera pictures. But I started the week well! I was so excited to see this awesome butterfly out front and was able to get some pictures before it flew away.

 And I took some family pictures for my friend Kelly, and it was a lot of fun! Camden made me work to capture some smiles, but I think she was happy with what I got. :)
Tuesday we went to the zoo, and I'm a sucker for feeding the giraffe. I think it's the coolest thing, so we do it every time!! 

Wednesday I forgot to take a picture before work, so all that was left was to take one of Lanore trying to sleep. Not my best, but oh well!
Phone picture! My mother in law made us a strawberry pie, so I was trying to capture the deliciousness. And embarrassingly you can see my drinks from breakfast, lunch, and, diet coke, and a margarita! Yikes! Guess I should drink more water....(Or clean more....)

More cardinal flowers. Walked around the yard a little but nothing new is blooming.

 Henry playing a serious game of euchre with his dad! It's a little fuzzy but a cute moment.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

365 Project Week 28

Not a very exciting week! (They can't all be, right?) I was kinda giving myself a break, and took several quick shots with my phone this week. But that's ok! Looking forward to fall, when I know we'll have lots of fun stuff going on again.
Took some flower pictures after it rained, and saw the boys peeking out at me. :)

More flower pictures! These are cardinal flowers, I think, and the hummingbirds definitely like them.
Picnic on the back deck for lunch.

 We don't have any honey bees, but we have these giant fuzzy bumblebees! Tried to catch one on the saliva plant.

Friend date! Getting ice cream with my friend Laura. Meant to snap it when we first sat down, ha, but it was too yummy and I forgot. :)

Tired on the way home from playdate! I love carrying them to bed and when they sleep on my shoulder for a minute. It's blurry from my phone, but still love it!

Another phone picture...our first garden haul! It rained a ton and these zucchini grew practically overnight. And the middle is a Japanese eggplant...who knows why Alex wanted to plant that.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

365 Project Week 27

I think I'm getting pretty close to the half-way point in this project...thank goodness! Need to figure out exactly where half of 365 is... So here are a few more from July, and hopefully I can get back to being caught up soon!

We went to our first Indians baseball game with a group of our friends. It was a lot of fun (even though I doubt I saw a minute of the game!) We sat in the lawn area, so the kids had a lot of area to run and throw their balls around. We gave them some cotton candy and tried to get a picture of the "big kids" and this was the best I got! In all the others, someone is blurry from moving...image that with 6 toddlers...

My friend Kelly snapped this one of us that I really love! She is doing our family pictures this month too, so I'm excited!

I'm getting frustrated with my camera a lot these days, so this was a shot where I was trying to force my camera to take a shot in low light. I liked it even though it was grainy.

Tuesday after work I stopped at a pretty nature preserve I'd always wanted to check out. I took some flower shots and just walked around. I think it has great evening light so I'm hoping to go back and do a real shoot there sometime. Flower shots are still strangely hard for me to get quite right...

Wednesday we went to the park with friends. This is Ian, one cool dude going down the slide. And Henry is riding the ram/lion (we can't decide what it looks more like.)

Thursday was our first (and still only) pool day of the summer. My mom's neighborhood has a pool with a baby pool, and we had it all to ourselves! Now if it would just get hot enough, we might try and go back again...

Friday we had our first snow cones at our house! I wanted a snow cone machine for the boys' birthday party this year, so I caved and bought a small one and the syrup at Target (it was on sale!) The boys love ice anyway, so sugary blue ice is even better!!

And yes, this is the next day. Enjoying another snow cone outside. Not too creative, but still cute. And Alex did put the machine away after that, so they aren't having one every day anymore. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

365 Week 26 and Our "Stay-cation" Week

Alex and I both took this week off and had a "stay-cation" here in Indy. On Sunday after nap, we got ice cream and then went to the park to play. I got some cute pictures of the boys playing in a tree that I love.

Monday we went to the zoo, since Alex doesn't usually get to go with us. (And he wanted to check out the new orangutan exhibit.) It was a nice, not too crowded day, and I took a few pictures of animals for fun. The baby elephant was playing in and out of the water and was SO cute!

Tuesday, I got to take 3 month pictures of my neighbor's cutie, Brayden. He was not so into smiling for the camera, but I felt like I got a few cute ones his mom will like! :)

Wednesday we went down to have dinner with Alex's parents and sister at Pizza King. They have a train that goes all through the restaurant that carries your drinks to your table. Needless to say, the boys were extremely thrilled that a train brought them their chocolate milk!! We will be back for sure.

Thursday we cooked out with my family. I wanted the boys to get to try sparklers, but it really doesn't get dark enough until so late in the evening. We tried a few, and I did get this cute shot! After the boys went to bed, Alex helped me do some sparkler photos. That is his American flag interpretation!

Friday was the 4th, and we had a fun day. We cooked out with some friends, but I was really excited to try and get photos of the fireworks. My photography group had given me some pointers, so I was really hoping to get some cool shots. I'm really happy with them for sure! And the boys loved watching them. This was the first year they stayed up, and they really did great.

Saturday I think we took it easy. But my favorite flowers were starting to bloom! They get so tall in front of our front window, so I love watching them get taller and taller until they finally bloom. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds all love these flowers, so it gives us quite a show to watch out the window.