Saturday, June 21, 2014

365 Project Week 25

Here's our week! Papaw came over on the motorcycle and the boys got to sit on it (yes NO riding it yet!) with him, which they enjoyed!

Trying to play with some evening light. Not a great shot but it was an attempt!

We went to the 100 Acres park at the IMA. The boys were not impressed, and this was the only picture I got! Maybe it was just too hot, but I hope we can go back and stay a little longer next time.

Rain on leaves! It's been a wet summer so far.

My first day lily opened and I tried to play around with some shots. This was my favorite! Also got one around bedtime of Henry and his trains.

Friday we went to Touch a Truck. Will try to share more about that in another post, but here are some faves. Holden in the bus and Henry in the fire truck. (And then a popsicle afterwards at home!)

I bought a roller coaster toy for the backyard, so I tried to snap a few pictures the first time they played with it. As you can imagine, things ended in tears a few minutes later as they got tired of taking turns. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

365 Project Week 24

Two more weeks and I'll have made it half way through the project! Crazy! Proud of myself but also daunted at how much is still left... :)
Sunday we ate at my mom's. She has an amazing garden, so I tried my hand at more flower shots. Also got a cute one of Henry!

Monday I think I shot this after they'd gone to sleep. A collection of their "treasures" they brought me from the yard.  Tried to shoot from a few different angles...haven't felt very creative lately.

Tuesday was a strange day! The boys fell asleep in the car at 11:45, or WAY early. When they came in, Holden was still sleepy and laid down on the rug by the front door. Then Henry came over and laid next to him! Sort of a strange scene, so I took a picture.

Wednesday I went out to take a picture of the cool purple flowers blooming in front, and this squirrel in the tree yelled at me the whole time! He was on a pretty low branch, and was just squeaking at me and flicking his tail...I had to remind him that this is my house/garden/tree and he needs to chill out.

Thursday the boys were watching music videos in my bed. Again, I tried to shoot from a few different angles. Ignore my messy bedroom! :) We do have two windows, so I should probably figure out how to use that good light!

Another flower shot. I noticed the evening light was hitting them and wanted to try for a few good shots. It wasn't as sharp as I wanted but that's what I got for the day!

Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival at my parent's church. The lighting was tough, so some of my shots didn't turn out. I still struggle with sun versus shade and not messing up the background, etc. So I got a few of the boys getting their faces painted for the first time! Pretty cute.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

365 Project Week 23

Behind again, no surprise! But here are the pictures from this week. Have been trying to document flowers in my garden, but sometimes I even have a hard time with that. I try several settings but sometimes just can't get it to look like what I want or what I see in front of me! (Am definitely feeling that I'm "outgrowing" my current camera, but not sure when I can afford my next one! Pretty sure every photog feels this way...) But it will still be fun to have a record of everything blooming in my yard. Makes a nice change of pace to take pictures of plants instead of people.

The boys are finding wild strawberries all over the yard and picking them to show me. Cute!

I also had told them we were going to pick real strawberries! This was our first time doing it and it was fun. Will try to do a whole post about it, but here's a favorite picture from picking and then from ice cream cones (their first ever!) afterwards. Fun day!

My photog group takes lots of awesome pictures of rain/water droplets, so this is my slightly sad version. I need some tips! Or maybe a better lens, who knows.

Taking our traditional DAD pictures for Alex's Father's Day frame. Will post more in another post!

Brought my letters to our Friday playgroup and took the DAD pictures with several of the kiddos there. It was kinda fun to see all my pictures floating around Facebook on Father's Day!

Saturday was a zoo trip... I am a SUCKER for feeding the giraffe. I have to do it every single time we go (if the giraffes are out.) This is the coolest thing ever to me, I hope the boys love it as much as me! And last year they hated the carousel and this year they are into it. :) Things change, I guess!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

365 Project Week 22

First picture is a cousin picture from our race day cookout. This is one of the only times we see the Suttner side of the family, and most of the kids were at my aunt's house this year. So I made my mom gather the kids together and this was one of the best I got!

On Memorial Day, we had friends over for a cookout. It was a lot of fun! But since I was putting the boys in cute shirts, I wanted to get a few pictures of them before everyone got there. Henry sat for me for a minute, but Holden was not interested. I need someone to come do a real session with my kids! I was so frustrated...sigh.

Tuesday they sat in their little beach chairs and had their glasses on, but when I ran for the camera, they moved on! So I got this instead, of them checking out the "buggies" on their slide and on their hands.

Wednesday I just snapped a quick shot of Henry throwing the ball, part of his new favorite game. He doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to the other person's mitt thing but he laughs every time!

Roses blooming in the front! First one that opened.

I love these yellow flowers in the back. They have really spread over the years and are so pretty! My Gran used to call them "little yella flowers" so I don't know what their real name even is. :) I took a ton of shots and so few of them turned out. Flowers are a fun subject but it's still hard to see if anything looks good until you get to the camera.

Saturday was hot and we played outside! Henry in the playhouse, and Holden in the pool. It was the first time we got our little pool out for the season and we had a fun time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

365 Project Week 21

Well, we're approaching the half-way point of the year, so that's good news! This project has been tougher than I thought in different ways. It's not that hard to pick up the camera every day, but it is hard to think of something worth taking a picture of each day. I'm not sure I'm learning as much new stuff, which is ok, but I want to keep being creative and challenging myself. I don't expect every day to be great, but I think I am being pretty lazy some days. I thought the summer would help me get creative again, so we'll see! I definitely enjoy that I can take pictures in the yard of my flowers blooming, at least that's something a little different right now! I have a lot of fun doing real "shoots" with families and babies, so I may just need to recruit more of my friends to do that this summer. :)

Recital day again! I'm a pretty lucky teacher to have some really amazing kids! They put in a lot of hard work for recital days. :)

Last day of PDO for the year! I will have to do a separate post on this topic, but they've definitely grown up this year!

Day at the park! Thought it would be fun to try for a group shot, and got some cute ones!

My favorite tree in this park!! Definitely need to get both boys looking and smiling. That's the dream!

My fave flowers in the front of our house. They really don't photograph well for some reason...I've tried on several days and can't seem to get them to look how I want. Guess I need to keep playing around.

Playing his "violin"! SO CUTE. Henry actually started this, I think, but now both of them will do it, hold one under their chin and "bow" with the other piece of track, while humming a song like Twinkle. Love it!
Quest for the perfect bubble photo! I liked both of these pretty well.

Another flower shot. Liked how it turned out, and how Lanore was watching me through the fence!