Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, I just didn't get many pictures to show it! :) We had a cookout at my parent's house on Saturday, and then went to my Aunt's house Sunday for our traditional family cookout. Race Day is the only time of year that I see a lot of that side of the family, so I always look forward to it. Last year, we got some cute pictures with the cousins, and the boys were still just sitting on a blanket. This year we didn't get hardly any pictures, since we were chasing them around! My aunt has a big tree in her front yard and the kids all love to sit in it. So I did at least get a few pictures in the tree. :) The boys had a fun time, and got their first taste of dirt of mommy's favorites!!

Monday we had our friends over for a cookout at our house, which we haven't done in a while. It was great to get our deck all cleaned off and have the cushions out. We love to have people over, but it's just a little harder to do now. But we had great weather the whole weekend! I remembered last year we had the babies in just a onesie because it was so hot, this year we had them in jeans and it was comfortable! I wish we had gotten a few more pictures, since Claire and Charlotte were over and they were all playing in the yard. But we will just have to try again next year. Next year, another friend will have her baby there as well! 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoo Trip with Ashlyn

My mom got me a zoo membership for Mother's Day (yay! thanks, mom!) and I intend to make good use of it! We went this time with Ashlyn, and it ended up being a crazy day to go. My friend had warned me that end of May was CROWDED with school field trips, and she was right! But I was so excited to have my own pass that we went anyway. :) I let them run around in the garden first, which was probably a good idea. I wanted to try for some more pictures, and I was trying to play with my camera settings. So between them being wiggly toddlers and my settings being different, I didn't get many that were any good or in focus...oh well.

When we got in the zoo, it was a little scary to be in the buildings. The kids and chaperones were all really nice, but there were just so many people sometimes I'd lose sight of one of the boys while they went up to the glass to look. It was a nice day to go, though, since it was overcast and not too hot. We got to feed the giraffes!! (That was my dream come true, not sure how much the twins cared about that part. I think Holden wanted to eat the sweet potato himself instead of feeding it to the giraffe! It looked like a sweet potato fry, which they love!) A lot of the animals were really active, including the elephants. The baby was getting in and out of the water, running over to her mom, and playing in the mud, so that was super adorable. We finished the day with their first ride on the zoo train. It's a pretty boring ride, and it was starting to rain, but they had a fun time, as you can see from Holden's smile in the last picture! Can't wait to go again soon. :)

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Children's Museum with Grandma

Alex's mom met us at the Children's Museum one morning and we had a great time! Here are a few I snapped that day. These are all in the temporary Playscape area, which is where we spend most of our time. They love everything in there! Trains, balls, big construction truck, sand, slide, you name it! They played with the house/kitchen area this time, and even pretended to feed the baby doll, which I hadn't seen them do yet. (And which was really cute.) We had a fun day! I tried to get a picture of them with Grandma Gina, but they wouldn't hold still for a minute! But she was actually there, I promise. :)

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

For Mother's Day, I just wanted what all moms want...a good picture with their kids! :) Not sure we exactly got one, but you can't force toddlers to stay still very long. Alex made me breakfast in bed and had the boys carry in a card from them and my coffee. Great way to start the day! We had lunch at my mom's house and the boys got to play outside. So picking up rocks and pointing at the neighbor's dog were MUCH more important than being in a picture with mommy or grandma! :)

I included a few other random shots. Grandpa pulled/pushed both boys in the yard and they loved that! Alex took a few pictures of my garden one night. (I always forget.) The pinks are my favorite when they're in bloom! And one more shot I made Alex take of us rocking in our chair. :)

"Mom, check out this rock, it's as big as my head!"
Love my crazy boys! :)

Good shot with the grandparents
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zoo/Gardens Trip

We headed to the zoo again with our friends Christie, Charlotte and Claire. It was another fun day! The boys really enjoy the zoo now and like to get out of the stroller. Luckily it wasn't too crowded so I didn't have to worry too much about them. They like just about everything in the oceans exhibit, and loved pointing to the fish. They really liked the polar bear, which was actually up and moving this time! They cried a little when it was time to walk away. :) They still loved the meerkats, as well, but weren't so sure of the birds. Claire got to feed the lorikeet! We did a quick trip through the plains and saw the giraffe, and then saw the brown bears, which were play fighting each other. That was interesting to see! (At least I hope they were play fighting and not trying to kill each other...)

Then we went to check out the butterflies and the gardens, which I had never been to. It was amazingly beautiful in the gardens; all the tulips were in bloom! I tried to get a few pictures of the boys, but they never hold still. I'm glad I got the ones I did, but I'm depressed that if they would have sat for just a few seconds, I could have gotten some amazing shots! The last shot is how the day really went...them running away and me chasing behind! I can't wait until they will listen and sit still for a picture once and a while...although they are boys and that may never happen! Wish me luck, anyway!

The "really, lady? why do we have to sit here?" look.
Smelling the flowers! Love this one.
Tickling the tulips! Love this of Henry
What the day really looked like for me
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