Saturday, August 30, 2014

365 Project Week 34

Catching up on another week. It was definitely fun to do Cecelia's first birthday invite pictures! It was a cloudy day but we had fun in the wet grass. :) Several others are iphone pictures, I've been getting really lazy with this project! And the last one is crafting the favors for the boys' birthday party. Can't wait to do a big post on that!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

365 Project Week 33

Almost through August...whew! Some definitely may be out of order or "cheats" but I'm cutting myself some slack! Also got to photograph another newborn in the hospital again...I really love doing those! Boys also had their first trip to the dentist this week.




Saturday, August 9, 2014

365 Project Week 31

I'm so behind it's not even funny! Just going to post pictures and hopefully keep going with the next week until I can get more caught up.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

365 Project Week 30

First one is from a walk to the rocks, a little spot at the end of a street in our neighborhood that the boys love to play on.

Both boys love corn on the cob! It's so funny to see them chowing down. Holden, especially, is a fan.

Flower picture. I swear, these did not come up at all last year and I thought they were dead! But now they are back. Perhaps they like cold, rainy summers?

Catching up with our friend Hazel. Sharing (ok not really sharing very well) a snack of animal crackers.

Daddy's birthday! Tried to capture blowing out the candles but couldn't get my camera to be quick enough.

Too cute! Henry in undies! I feel like all our friends are potty trained and we're being kinda lazy about it. I let him wear these for a while that morning just to see how it would go!

"Caught" Holden reading by himself. SO CUTE! :)