Friday, March 29, 2013

Aunt Erica's Wedding

We had a big, exciting family weekend! Aunt Erica got married! The boys were the ring bearers, Alex was an usher, and I played the processional and a piece with my niece Emma on violin. So it was quite the family affair! I got to go to a bridal luncheon on Friday, which was nice and it was great to see all of Alex's sisters. The first picture is from the rehearsal. We brought the boys to familiarize them with the space and let them "practice" going down the aisle. Then the boys went home and to bed (thanks Ashley for babysitting!!) and we got to have a delicious Italian meal at the rehearsal dinner. 

The next morning was busy trying to pack everything we thought we might need for the day. My friend Ashlyn came along as our extra pair of hands, since I was busy during the ceremony. The boys looked SO cute in their suits. I wish we could have gotten a few more pictures, but they did not want to sit still. I'm hoping for a few more good ones from the wedding photographer, since I didn't get to see them come down the aisle. But they did a great job!! Alex walked down with them, and I could hear everyone "ooh and ahh" over them and laugh at all the cute stuff they did. They kept stopping to say hi to people as they walked. We had decided not to keep them in the ceremony room, so the only time they cried was when Alex carried them back out after they walked down!! Ashlyn walked them in the stroller so Alex got to come back in for a bit of the ceremony. I was really nervous to play, but I knew no one was really paying attention to me...everyone just wants to see the beautiful bride, Erica! :) 

After the ceremony, we went outside for pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day, but still cold. It was on a golf course, so we eventually let the boys out of the stroller to run around with their cousins for a bit. That was where I got some of my best pictures! All the boy cousins had fun "riding" and "driving" the golf carts. The twins were not very happy to be picked up for the family pictures, so hopefully some of them turn out without both boys screaming. We headed in for the reception and got to sit at the table with our cousin Josh. Just three handsome dudes in high chairs! :) After they ate, we let them roam around for a bit and they danced with their cousins Noah and Josh. That was so sweet to watch! But they were starting to get cranky from lack of a nap, so Ashlyn pushed them around in the stroller until they fell asleep. They napped for a while, which meant that Alex and I could at least socialize for a bit, but when they woke back up they were both still cranky and wanting to be held (by only me.) So we didn't get to stay as long as we'd have liked, but since we still had an hour drive home, we headed out! 

It was a really beautiful wedding and so great to see all of Alex's family. Erica did an amazing job with all of the details. Can't wait to see a few more pictures from the professional! Congrats, Erica and Nathan! I wish we could have seen and visited with everyone will be easier now that Erica is living in Indy again! Definitely looking forward to the family vacation this summer for more time to catch up and more chances to get some cute cousin pictures! :)

Little GQ model
Family shot sneak peak!
The best shot you can get of three toddlers...
Whatcha' drinkin' daddy??
Passed out from all the action!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

17/18 Months

Another combined post because I'm so far behind. And I can hardly remember all the cool stuff they can do so this might be mostly pictures! :) They've got several new words, the nicest of which is "please." They can both sign it and Henry can say it. There is very little you can deny your child when he says "peese" and signs it at the same time!! Cutest thing ever. I think we are starting to see the language development that hits around 18 months. Both boys will repeat words we say now, sometimes pretty clearly. But then they won't keep saying the word, so it's like they were just trying it out. 

They are very much toddlers now...nothing is safe anymore. They climb up on the couch and are working on climbing the kitchen chairs. They love to get the remotes (they know which are the 'real' ones) and climb wherever necessary to get them. They also aggravate each other now quite a bit. If one is playing with a toy, and the other wants it or takes it, the twin without the toys is seriously pissed off. We are seeing lots of biting already. Alex says Henry started it, but it's mostly Holden we catch biting Henry at this point. And these bites leave some serious teeth marks...sigh. We get the classic temper tantrums when they can't have what they want, with lots of crying and stomping feet. They can't even share books anymore; the one further away will shove the closer one out of the way so he has the "best" spot near the pictures. Luckily, all of this is only with each other and they still seem pretty easy-going around all the other friends we play with. Part of the grumpiness might be all the teething, too. I think they should be done for a while now...but they have all of their front 12 teeth (the canine teeth were pretty miserable) and the molars behind them.

We're definitely ready for spring around here! The weather has been so back and forth...a few nice days to get outside and then days of cold or snow or rain. They really enjoy the backyard, with their climber, playhouse and all of the sticks and rocks! They both love to hold rocks, and Holden especially loves to put them in his mouth. Again, sigh. We've been trying to get out for more walks and have even ventured to a few parks. It's going to be a great summer once it decides to stay warm!

And clearly they were not very happy about me taking the 18 month pictures...still so hard to get a good one of them right now. I need to try and keep my camera out and at the ready...they don't hold still for long! 
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Playhouse fun!

I had been looking for outdoor toys to add to our collection, since our yard is huge and I intend to be out as much as possible this summer. I found one at the consignment sale in March, bought it, brought it home, and then it immediately snowed on it that night. Sigh. So the boys had to wait a few days to play with it, but I think it is a success! It has a doorbell that really works, cute little windows with shutters, and kitchen table and two seats inside it. It also has a floor, which will be nice for when it's out in the yard and can't get too muddy. I felt like I got a few cute shots of them!

The other shots are a few randoms...a few from St. Patrick's Day and one of them both squeezed behind the couch which Alex took and I just found on the camera. Who knows what happened to get that shot! :) And the last one is Henry asking if he can eat all the yogurt raisins for breakfast...he would if I'd let him!


How did we get behind the couch...?
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