Saturday, April 26, 2014

365 Project Week 17

Running late again this week! Ah! It's been busy around here, but mostly in a good way! Hopefully I will catch up more soon...maybe when we get done with some house/yard work! (Or, never.) Here are this week's shots.
G is for Grabbing eggs from Grandma's Garden. The boys' cousins hid eggs for them and then they got to hunt and fill their baskets! Easter was a beautiful day this year!

H is for Hat. Crazy shot, but that was all I could grab! Henry had put daddy's hat on and I thought that would be perfect, but didn't quite get a good one. :)

I is for... Intense lighting? I am happy I got this one? This is a stretch...we went to the zoo that day and I didn't see any animals that started with I. I tried to take some of the boys in the gardens with the tulips blooming, but got my focus wrong. Dang it!

J is for Japanese pear tree (not sure if that's its real name but that's what I'm going with.) Always love when this tree is blooming in our front yard, and this project helped me get some shots this year! Yay for that.

K is for Krispie treats and a euchre game with friends! Again, a stretch, but when my neighbor brought the Rice Krispie treats, I went with it! :)

L is for Lanore! This was an easy one, since she is a good model if liver treats are involved. I thought about doing "Leah" but didn't feel like a selfie that day.

But I did pick...M is for Mommy! These are both phone pictures but I'll take what I can get with these cuties.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

365 Project Week 16

We started an Alphabet Project with my photography group, so I am going to try and keep up with that. Some letters may be a stretch!! I also had a ton of fun pictures from our play group Easter egg hunt/party and from Easter weekend with both sets of grandparents. So I'll get some separate blogs up for those!

This is one of my new FAVORITES! It was after the egg hunt at my mom's church and she was making them laugh. Such a cute one. :)

 "A" is for artwork! In only one year of "school" we have amassed a large collection of crafts and artwork! I will have to come up with a storage plan soon...

"B" is for boy with a blue egg! And mommy being "brave" enough to attempt some crafting!

"C" is for new crib configuration. Both side rails are off! Total freedom! Which means that both boys typically sleep on the floor now...
"D" is for duet. Two of my high school viola players.

"E" is for egg hunt and egg nests. I made these last year, too, but added the cupcake liners since they are so messy!

"F" is for flower, my first little bloom. And for "finding" eggs and "feeding" Mommy a teddy gram! Sorry...had a really hard time choosing today! :)


Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Hunting Fun

The boys went to the Easter egg hunt at my mom's church and had a great time! We'd talked a little more about what an egg hunt was and what they would do this year. They did go to some last year but were pretty slow to grab any eggs, etc. So I'm not sure if they remembered from last year or just understood it better this year. But the eggs were hidden on the lawn for the kids to collect, then you traded your eggs in for a prize bag of goodies. I thought it was a good way to go, so each kid would end up with pretty much the same thing.
I didn't get any great shots of them hunting, but afterwards when we were walking to the car, we stopped in front of some yellow flowers and got one of my favorite pictures ever! My mom was standing behind me to get them to smile, and they turned out SO cute. It is definitely framed and hanging in my room. :) There were some construction vehicles in the back of the parking lot, so the boys got to climb on those for a minute, too. What a great day for twin toddlers! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Crafty Fun

I decided to be really crazy this year and try some craft-y stuff. I let them dye Easter eggs, and it went better than I thought! I was actually sad I had only boiled a dozen, since they would have done a lot more. (But I didn't want to be wasteful, since I didn't know what we'd even do with all the boiled eggs we had.) I was impressed at how they did. The colors could have been brighter, but it was hard to wait long enough. But both boys were very good with the spoons getting them out of the cups, and nobody spilled or made a big mess.
I also made some sugar cookies and planned to let the boys decorate them (since we'd done some decorating around Christmas.) This didn't go as well, since the boys just wanted to eat the cookies or icing. I was aiming to make little chicks, and I think Henry made one successfully. Holden just put all the eyes on one cookie (which was creepy-looking) and then proceeded to eat his cookie. I finished up the rest and called it a success. :) I also made my egg nests with the chow mein noodles again, but was smart enough to put them in cupcake liners this year, which made them a little easier to transport and eat. Some fun creative projects, and can't wait to try them again next year!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

365 Project Week 15

This is a big exciting week!! We made it to 100 days!! Congrats to all my fellow photog friends who started at the new year. (Some started earlier, so lucky them, they're well past 100 already!) This was a big milestone for me in feeling like I could make it through the project! It wasn't a great photo week, in fact I missed a day and had to use some phone photos to make up for it. But I'm still proud of getting this far. Hopefully my photography has improved somewhat, if not, I still have plenty of time left in the year! :)

So this week we went to the park, the zoo, played outside, ate ice cream, fell down and then showed off our band aid, and generally had a crazy week! I also tried to get a picture of the moon, but it's not great. I probably need a little bit longer lens to make that happen, but it was an attempt! :)