Saturday, May 31, 2014

365 Project Week 22

First picture is a cousin picture from our race day cookout. This is one of the only times we see the Suttner side of the family, and most of the kids were at my aunt's house this year. So I made my mom gather the kids together and this was one of the best I got!

On Memorial Day, we had friends over for a cookout. It was a lot of fun! But since I was putting the boys in cute shirts, I wanted to get a few pictures of them before everyone got there. Henry sat for me for a minute, but Holden was not interested. I need someone to come do a real session with my kids! I was so frustrated...sigh.

Tuesday they sat in their little beach chairs and had their glasses on, but when I ran for the camera, they moved on! So I got this instead, of them checking out the "buggies" on their slide and on their hands.

Wednesday I just snapped a quick shot of Henry throwing the ball, part of his new favorite game. He doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to the other person's mitt thing but he laughs every time!

Roses blooming in the front! First one that opened.

I love these yellow flowers in the back. They have really spread over the years and are so pretty! My Gran used to call them "little yella flowers" so I don't know what their real name even is. :) I took a ton of shots and so few of them turned out. Flowers are a fun subject but it's still hard to see if anything looks good until you get to the camera.

Saturday was hot and we played outside! Henry in the playhouse, and Holden in the pool. It was the first time we got our little pool out for the season and we had a fun time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

365 Project Week 21

Well, we're approaching the half-way point of the year, so that's good news! This project has been tougher than I thought in different ways. It's not that hard to pick up the camera every day, but it is hard to think of something worth taking a picture of each day. I'm not sure I'm learning as much new stuff, which is ok, but I want to keep being creative and challenging myself. I don't expect every day to be great, but I think I am being pretty lazy some days. I thought the summer would help me get creative again, so we'll see! I definitely enjoy that I can take pictures in the yard of my flowers blooming, at least that's something a little different right now! I have a lot of fun doing real "shoots" with families and babies, so I may just need to recruit more of my friends to do that this summer. :)

Recital day again! I'm a pretty lucky teacher to have some really amazing kids! They put in a lot of hard work for recital days. :)

Last day of PDO for the year! I will have to do a separate post on this topic, but they've definitely grown up this year!

Day at the park! Thought it would be fun to try for a group shot, and got some cute ones!

My favorite tree in this park!! Definitely need to get both boys looking and smiling. That's the dream!

My fave flowers in the front of our house. They really don't photograph well for some reason...I've tried on several days and can't seem to get them to look how I want. Guess I need to keep playing around.

Playing his "violin"! SO CUTE. Henry actually started this, I think, but now both of them will do it, hold one under their chin and "bow" with the other piece of track, while humming a song like Twinkle. Love it!
Quest for the perfect bubble photo! I liked both of these pretty well.

Another flower shot. Liked how it turned out, and how Lanore was watching me through the fence!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

365 Project Week 20

 Another fun week. I took pictures for another one of my student's families...I really have the cutest kids and families in my string studio! :) I love the mom's tradition of giving them a big lollipop at the end of the shoot. Gives the kids something to look forward to and makes for some fun and colorful pictures! An idea I will be stealing... :)

And you can tell it's another recital week...Lots of pictures of my students. Need to figure out some more creative shots/angles for people while playing. 

Tuesday was a Children's Museum trip and a collage art project with a glue stick (how much fun is that) in the Playscape area.

Another night of recital prep!
And this is the boys' first music teacher. We've had such a fun year in our Toddler Tunes class and I can't believe it's almost over! 

 Cards night with the neighbors and their cute baby. Can't wait to do his 3 month pictures soon!

Playing in the kitchen with our friend Cece. Not a great shot, but it's hard to get anything good with three moving kids playing. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

365 Project Week 19

Wow, I'm not even going to talk about how behind I am! Oh, well. I do take pictures every day, but just have had a hard time getting to the computer. We'll see if summer makes it easier or harder! I had a lot of fun this week with pictures, so here you go.

Clearly, I'm not keeping up with the alphabet challenge that well. But I had a GREAT time photographing one of my best friends and her adorable family!

Made sure to snap one of the boys and their very first teachers. It was a great year for them!

And cutie Lillianne is 3 months old! I had fun trying to get her to hold still long enough to get a picture! She sure can move for such a small girl!

Today was a lazy day I think...just snapped one at the park!

I think today was supposed to be Y is for yellow!

And last, Z is for zoom! I tried to get some as the boys were running circles in the living room. I know this one isn't great but I kind of like it this way! Boys are always in motion...

My sister-in-law Lauren threw us a Mother's Day brunch, so here's a group shot from our yummy breakfast.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

365 Project Week 18

Oops, way behind again. Will be quick since I'm off to work in a second!

N is for New Projects as I tried my first family photo shoot! Was really happy with a lot of them (I mean how cute is this family anyway) but I'm sure I have a lot left to learn! Had to include a violin shot since that's how I met them, she's one of my violin students! :)

O is for Oregano...I said I needed something that started with O and my husband grabbed it off the spice rack. Not that exciting but still! :)

P is for Puddles! I had been wanting a reflection shot so badly, so I love how these turned out!!

Q is for Quest. My haul from the presale at a kids' consignment sale that I volunteer/consign in. I kinda wanted to get a picture of all the moms on their "quest" waiting in line outside the building but I didn't bring my big camera. :)
R is for Rhythm...Fun time in music class. Holden wanted so badly to dance with Hazel, he cried when she was dancing with someone else for a second. SO CUTE.
S is for selfie! This one is so terrible I don't even want to include it. We went on a date Friday night and I should have taken a million other pictures, but by the time we got home and were ready for bed I remembered I hadn't taken anything yet! Oh, well.
 T is for Teddy Grams. Again a quick shot but following through at least! :)