Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Museum Trip with Grandma

They love the Rube Goldberg ball machine thing....
future science geeks!
My mom always says she never gets to be on the blog...but it's because she watches them while I'm a work. And since I take the pictures for the blog, it's hard to get ones with her in it! :) But we had a chance to go to the Children's Museum together so I tried to snap a few. See, proof that she is with the boys all the time! Thanks, mom! We checked out all of our favorite sections, and least favorite if you include the carousel ride. They are still terrified of that thing! They did discover the little ice cream parlor and enjoyed scooping some for Grandma. We are so excited the new Playscape area opens at the end of the month...hopefully we'll get to check that out soon!

"There are fish in here? Where?"
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Firestation Fun

The fire station right down the street from us had been completely rebuilt, and we had been watching it all summer. So when I saw they were having a community open house, I knew I wanted to take the boys! We drove over and parked at a church next to the station. They had a shuttle bus taking people over to the station, which Henry was fascinated by! Once at the station, we got some snacks, including cookies and a snow cone made for us by a fireman! We got to listen to the mayor and some politicians talking about how great it was for the community, but Henry and Holden were really pretty wrapped up in the cookie to take in the speeches.

After that, we made sure to check out and climb in all the trucks! It's so cute how small they look sitting up in the big engines! We also wandered through the station house, since I'd never been inside one before. We saw their tv room, workout room, and their beds upstairs. Then it was time to ride the shuttle bus back to our car. (Which was again a huge hit with the boys.) I'm so glad we could make it, since this fire station is a part of our community, and it was definitely fun to take some pictures and let the boys explore. 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lion's Park Concert

With so many free outdoor concerts this summer, I was really wanting to try one with the boys. Alex wasn't into the idea, but my parents met me for a Sunday night concert at Lion's Park. It worked out well, since a fellow teacher from Meridian Music was singing with the group. We got there around 7:00 so we could play on the playground and use up some energy before the music started. The lighting was tough, so my pictures are either hazy or shadowy. But we definitely had a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa!

When the music started, the boys really enjoyed themselves. They were bopping around and dancing, and they love to clap when the audience does! They also made lots of new friends as they wandered the aisles. Everyone thought they were so cute and they made great entertainment! We had a few snacks and were ready to leave at the intermission. They were still doing pretty well, but figured it's always good to leave on a high note. :) My parents said all the people around our chairs were sad they had to leave! Lol. So hopefully we will get to go to another this summer/fall and maybe next year can handle a little longer time. But it was a great first concert experience for the boys.

Love the shadow pics!
He runs fast! I barely got a shot of him!
Making some new friends
Snackin'. Yogurt melts are baby crack.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July fun

We had a fun 4th of July week, but I didn't get too many pictures! We went to a parade in my friend Christie's neighborhood. They had a fire truck that led the parade, and then kids could climb in it afterwards. But they mostly liked sitting up in the truck! They definitely liked looking at it and pointing out things like the ladder. Christie had her camera so most of these are from her.

The actual 4th ended up being pretty quiet. I wanted to get a picture of them in their bedroom chair, since I have a super cute one of them from last year. But of course Holden completely refused to sit in the chair and cried, so I had to give up. :( Definitely bummed about that, but guess I'll try again next year. We didn't do anything in the morning, and then after their nap we went to my mom's cousin Bonnie's house to visit for a while. They enjoyed playing with the trucks she had for them and we got to sit and catch up for a minute. My Great-uncle Bon gave them some ice (which they are obsessed with) so that was cute that he could spend some time with them. Then we headed on to Carmelfest!

We didn't stay too long, there either, but we had a fun time walking around. We got an elephant ear and a lemon shake up that the boys got to share with me. Yum! We headed to the children's area because I knew there was going to be a petting zoo. The boys loved looking at the animals and especially the goats! Wish I had gotten a few more pictures there too, but as usual it's too tough to get it out and keep track of the boys. We got a few other things to eat and sat near the music area while the boys ran around with a few other little kids. It is always SO crowded there, but I think the boys enjoy looking at all the vendors and people. I hope next year we can see the Carmel Symphony as well, so the boys can see some violin players up close! I got to look at some of the cute booths and then we decided it was time to head home. Wish we could have stayed up for fireworks, but hopefully next year it will be a lot of fun. This year it's better to stick to our sleep schedule, since rested twins are happy twins! :)

"Why do we have to do this, mom?"
Also not happy about picture time.


Friday, July 5, 2013

More Beach Fun

And, sadly, the week had to draw to a close. We had a great time, though! I should have more pictures to post when I get the family photo shoot pictures from Alex's sister. But here are a few more shots from the week!

We got a few cute shots of the twins with Josh. Stephanie was feeding them a snack, which they enjoyed. We were under the umbrella, so not sure they came out great, but it was a cute moment! Alex also made sure to take a few shots of the house/view. It was pretty crazy how isolated our beach really was. Since we were part of a housing edition, our stretch of beach was just for people in those houses and it really seemed pretty empty most of the week. The condo area next to us was always so full, with two to three rows of people. Then there was a big stretch of nothing, and then the area in front of us. Definitely not complaining, but it was funny to look down the beach and see how crowded it could have been! 

We were determined to make the most of our last morning and got down to the beach earlier than we had been. Which was a good thing, since it got all cloudy and windy. I figured that would make for great pictures, but instead it just fogged up my camera lens...sigh. But the boys were having a great time and running up and down the beach, and the older cousins were catching some good waves on their wave boards. It was a nice last hurrah before we had to head back in and clean and pack! 

The drive home was rough for sure, since we did it in one day. I was really hoping the boys would sleep more, but Holden really didn't nap much at all. He kept saying "Out, out," in his sweet little voice. We did stop several times and let them run around at rest stops, and we were lucky we didn't really have any traffic problems. But it was a LONG day for sure, and we were all glad to be home that night! 

Snacks! Where are the snacks?!
Feed me!
View from our kitchen/dining area
View of our beach, straight out from the house. The three umbrellas were our "spot".
Down the beach from us...the crowds!
Love this one. :)
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