Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Twin Toddlers to the Doctor...

...Is difficult! My friend Ashlyn came with me, but it's hard to have down time in those rooms. As you can see they wanted to play with the roll of paper and pull open every drawer. Plus after you weigh them they have no clothes on! Sigh. I brought some toys that kept them occupied for a while. I already forget their weights, I think 22 1/2 pounds or close for both of them (and this was back close to 16 months). The nurse always talks about how close in weight/height/head size they are...Yup, they're identical! :) And our pediatrician still can't tell them apart, either. The trip was uneventful, they were mostly healthy but we found Henry had an ear infection. We don't go back until their two year appointment...which at this point seems to be approaching rapidly! Whew! :)

Wish I could keep better track of all their milestones, but it's hard to keep up with them! They really do seem to know a lot of words, and they repeat a lot of what we say. They don't really form any sentences yet, but I bet they'll start to put a few words together soon. They're pretty great kids! They still do well in the stroller and in carts when we go to the store and are pretty friendly and social with everyone. (They prefer me and whine the most when I'm around, but play fine once I'm gone! Sometimes Alex actually encourages me to go somewhere since they will play by themselves if I'm not there.) Naps and sleeping are both pretty much the same; they take one nap for usually close to two hours in the afternoon. They have been waking more at night, which I think happens around this age, and they go back to sleep pretty well. I think it's a little harder with it being light so early and for so long in the evening. I will add more if I think of it later but they're healthy, happy boys!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Holiday Park Trip

I have been reluctant to try out any parks, because I'm scared to go by myself. But when my neighbor Ashley was on spring break, we headed to Holiday Park for the first time. The boys had a blast! I had never really checked out the playground equipment there, but they have 3 different areas, including one that's mostly fenced off (which makes me feel a lot more secure.) It also has lower slides for smaller kids. They were excited to try everything out! I'm glad I brought my camera, but it's hard to get shots of them moving around! :) I know, I've never said that before... We went back another time and even checked out the nature center. That was also pretty toddler-friendly and had toys and dress up stuff and some live animals to look at. Hopefully we will go again soon and maybe even go for a trail walk, since I know there are plenty of trails to explore. I'm so glad we have such a nice park so close to us. Once they get a little older and I can trust them to listen to me a little better, I'm sure we will go all the time.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Afternoon: More Fun!

After their nap, we headed to my parent's house for Easter dinner and more fun. My mom had made them another Easter basket that they got to open. And I'd brought more eggs filled with treats, so we did another egg hunt in my mom's yard! The boys looked so cute, and had a lot of fun outside. It was a beautiful sunny day! They enjoyed the eggs, the swing, and watching Uncle Evan and Grandpa play basketball.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Egg Hunting and Easter Morning

We were able to walk to a church egg hunt right outside our neighborhood, which was pretty awesome! The weather was good, and the boys were excited to run around for a bit before the hunt and watch the bigger kids. I thought they might actually get the gist, since we'd done an egg hunt at our friend's house the day before, but when it was time to grab eggs, they didn't actually pick any up! And the bigger kids of course snatched them all, but Henry and Holden didn't really care. The reason you see eggs in their buckets was because a really sweet family with two boys came over and gave them some from their own baskets! They had clearly filled their baskets, and decided to share, which was so kind! So we dumped them out again and let the boys play with them/put them in the baskets again. The church also had a little playground, so once most people had cleared out, the boys played for a minute on the equipment. And then we were able to walk right home and take a nap! :) Definitely a fun afternoon. 

Easter morning I didn't manage to get very many good pictures. But the boys had definitely figured out that there was good stuff in all the eggs! So they mostly wanted to open each egg and check out the goodies inside. (I did yogurt raisins, puffs, yogurt melts and a few with jelly beans or a chocolate egg.) Once they got to their baskets, I think their favorite part were the new sippy cups. I got them a few creative things, like a color with water book and a color wonder/mess free finger painting kit, and some play dough (which we probably won't try for a while.) My favorite thing was probably the wooden play food, which I had wanted to get them for a while. Then just a few little things, like socks, an egg shaker, and some bubbles. Happy Easter, Henry and Holden! :) I tried to get a bunny ear picture, but it didn't turn out great...honestly, none of my pictures of them turn out great! Hopefully by next year they will sit still for a picture. :)


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Playdate

So this one is mostly for my playgroup friends and mamas! I tried to post these on Facebook, but either that or my computer was being slow and wouldn't let me. Sorry I didn't get them up in a more timely manner! :) We had an Easter egg hunt playdate that was lots of fun! We wanted to go outside but it was still too wet, so we used Melissa's basement! So the pictures aren't the greatest, being that the basement was dark and the toddlers do NOT hold still! Especially while having a great time looking for eggs filled with yogurt raisins and puffs!! But we had a fun time and enjoyed a tasty brunch. I even made the cute little desserts! Go me! :) Peep rice krispie nests and lo mein noodle/chocolate/butterscotch nests. Yum!
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