Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Boys: Henry and Holden are One!

The boys had a good and low-key birthday. We got a few pictures of them, and a decent family shot. They were not in a smiling mood! :) They enjoyed the frosting on their cake, mostly sucking it off the candles. I took a video, but it's kind of long. Some day I'll get our videos organized and post it on Youtube! They got to open their wooden train set, which they liked. But they mostly want to chew on the animals. I wanted to get a shot with their names spelled in blocks (since we did a maternity picture that way) but every time I'd spell the name, they'd grab a letter and eat it! So we'll have to try that again sometime.

 We did some pictures at an apple orchard, so we got ourselves some apples on the way out. They enjoyed their new wagon, which was another one of their presents! :) After we got home and they took a nap, we sat outside for awhile. Grandma Suttner and Uncle Evan joined us for the evening and the boys got to open some presents! Grandma got them some new blankets she made them and some cars and trucks. So they were definitely spoiled in the present department that day! They got some of their favorite foods, bananas and muffins for breakfast, and sweet potato fries for dinner! I think they had a good first birthday.



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