Saturday, August 2, 2014

365 Project Week 30

First one is from a walk to the rocks, a little spot at the end of a street in our neighborhood that the boys love to play on.

Both boys love corn on the cob! It's so funny to see them chowing down. Holden, especially, is a fan.

Flower picture. I swear, these did not come up at all last year and I thought they were dead! But now they are back. Perhaps they like cold, rainy summers?

Catching up with our friend Hazel. Sharing (ok not really sharing very well) a snack of animal crackers.

Daddy's birthday! Tried to capture blowing out the candles but couldn't get my camera to be quick enough.

Too cute! Henry in undies! I feel like all our friends are potty trained and we're being kinda lazy about it. I let him wear these for a while that morning just to see how it would go!

"Caught" Holden reading by himself. SO CUTE! :)


  1. Love the black eyed susan shot!! Its just perfect! I love that one of your boys always has a train in their hand!

  2. I too love the flowers... And something about transitioning to undies is too darn cute to me. They always seem to grow overnight!