Saturday, October 11, 2014

365 Week 40

This week is a little bit of a "cheat." I helped out a friend and did a photography session fundraiser, where all the fees were donated to a cause. So since that was a pretty big day for me, with lots of editing afterwards, I decided to post these as a week of pictures (since I definitely took some days off after this!) It was fun to work with several different families, and a little scary to work with some I didn't know. But I think overall the day was fun and I got some good shots! Good practice for sure.


  1. These are fabulous!! Love that you did some good work for a charity!! I have missed out interactions and hope you and your beautiful family are all well :) Happy New Year

  2. Thank you! So good to hear from you. I need to get back into the checking blogs got so crazy after the summer! :) Hope to catch up more soon.