Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween

Ok, I admit, I really love the fall. I usually go all out decorating, and I love going to orchards to pick apples and pumpkins, eat caramel apples, and get apple cider. This year, being largely pregnant, I did not get my decorations down, and I had to settle on one caramel apple the day before the babies were born, and a quick trip to get a pumpkin when my parents were babysitting. But I did get the babies awesome pumpkin costumes!!! I was pretty excited about that. They had some other cute Halloween outfits, but I'm not sure we got pictures of all of them. The entire time I was pregnant, I was excited for dressing them up at Halloween. My husband was NOT into the idea and kept telling me not to torture the boys. Well, on Halloween night, my sister-in-law helped me get them in their costumes. They were basically warm, velvety sleepers; the babies fell right to sleep. I got some really cute pictures and let them enjoy their nap on the couch. And hey, what do you know, my husband saw the pictures and immediately asked, "When are you printing some so I can take them to work?" :) Yup, that's right. Score one for mommy.

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