Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, part two

We had to wait a few days to celebrate with Alex's side of the family, since some people were traveling to Indy. We had another great meal, and lots more presents. Alex got tools and cooking stuff, which is great with him (and me since I get to eat what he cooks!) I got some new clothes and a few Christmas ornaments. The boys got more toys and books, including a special twins book, and some cute bulldog lovies with their names on them! It was a nice, relaxed visit. The guys like to watch whatever football games come on TV, and the girls like to catch up and pass around the babies. Next year will be pretty crazy when both the twins and their cousin Josh are walking around!

I was determined to get some good pictures this time, since we didn't have very many of his family. The boys got to wear their Christmas outfits one last time!

We went back one more time on New Year's Eve, but I didn't bring my camera. We did get a picture with all the cousins/grandkids, but I need someone to send it to me before I can post it! :)

So in all, the boys had a great first Christmas/holiday season. They are lucky to be so loved and spoiled by all of our great family and friends.

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