Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Henry and Holden!

Dear Henry and Holden,

Not so sure about the new year...
I know you probably don't care much that it's New Year's Eve. You were both asleep by midnight, and probably wondering why I took some pictures of you before you fell asleep. Mommy is having a hard time realizing that the year you were born is over! 2011 will always be a special year for her. It had some tough moments, especially when your great-grandma died in January, and when mommy decided not to go back to work to stay home with you for a year. But for the most part, 2011 was spent getting ready for you two, and getting to know you once you were born! Mommy and daddy found out they were pregnant with you way back in February, and lots of people were so excited you were on the way! The three baby showers thrown for mommy show you were both very loved before you were born. And you arrived in September, and we've spent the last part of 2011 getting to watch you both grow. It's hard to imagine this year is over, but it will be one we always remember. Every time we say your birth date, 9/18/11, we'll think back to this year. And who knows what awesome things you will do in 2012? When this year is over, you'll both be walking, and starting to talk. A few years after that, and you'll be entering school. And looking way ahead, in 2030, you'll be 18 and graduating from high school! So I need to enjoy holding and cuddling you now, before you're both running in different directions. I just wanted to write and say how lucky we are you joined our family in 2011. You are both so sweet and loving, not to mention cute! Your mommy and family can't wait to see what you do in the future. Happy New Year, sweet face boys! Love you.

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