Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!


The boys had a good first Fourth of July! They wore their cute shirts that my friend Melissa got them, so we did a quick picture session. Then we went to my parents' house for a cookout. We had a good time just hanging out and eating. It was WAY too hot to be outside! I had originally hoped to go to Carmelfest with the boys, just to walk around and let them hear the music and see all the people. But I decided it would be too crowded to go, with or without them because of the fireworks ban. I figured it'd be extra crazy since everyone that wanted to see fireworks would have to go there to see them instead of being able to do them in their driveway. And the boys wouldn't remember it this year anyway. The boys took a good nap and got to hang with some of their favorite people! They also got to try watermelon, which they enjoyed. (Especially Holden, since he loves to feed himself. If it comes from a spoon, he no longer wants it. Give me some finger food ideas, people! :) After we came home and put the boys to bed, I went and hung out at my neighbor's house for a while. Pretty low key day! I remember thinking when I came back home that it was weird not to hear fireworks (since lots of people in our neighborhood usually shoot them off.) But I'm glad people paid attention to the ban, it would have been so dangerous for people to do them on their own this year. So hopefully next year will not be as HOT and DRY as this year, but we still had fun with family! Happy Independence Day!

Daddy was making them laugh, so you can actually see TEETH!

Holden thoroughly enjoying his watermelon 


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  1. HOlden: "I can't get the watermelon in my mouth fast enough, mom!!" (Same way Cam feels about watermelon.) Haha! Cute pics!!

  2. Oh and finger food ideas: frozen peas thawed, green beans, steamed veggies (zucchini sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli), corn, beans, any fruit. Anything you would eat, just maybe cut a little smaller or steam if it's a veggie!! GO crazy with food!! :)