Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Wow, this is the furthest behind I've been in getting one of these posts up! It must be because I have two fully mobile children now... :) It's been a big month around here! We weighed in at the doctor, Henry was 15 pounds 9 ounces, and Holden was 16 pounds 10 ounces. Henry is in the 2% for weight, which worries me, but doesn't concern the doctor. And as my mommy friends reassure me, "someone has to be in the 2nd percentile!" Henry is 27 inches tall and Holden is 27 1/2 inches tall. We got a clean bill of health and seem to be hitting most milestones right on target! We did have our first major illness this month. Holden had a temperature of 102 for a few days, and then Henry got a fever as well for a few days after Holden. I was surprised the fever hung on that long, but the doctor just told us to give him motrin to bring it down and that she'd see us if it went on a few more days. So that was miserable for all of us, because we didn't feel good, and we couldn't leave the house and be with our friends because we didn't want to infect them! I'm sure we'll always be passing some illness around now that they're crawling and can get their hands into anything.

Speaking of milestones...both boys are crazy crawlers now! We've had to step up the babyproofing and probably will have to do more as they get more adventurous. Henry just likes to crawl around, but Holden immediately wanted to pull up on things. So he was the first to stand up at the coffee table and the first to stand in the crib. (An unwelcome milestone, but Daddy lowered the crib! :) They're not clapping or waving or saying any real words yet, but maybe by 10 months. They definitely talk and babble, and notice each other more and more. Seeing them laugh at each other is the cutest thing ever!!! They play pretty well on their own unless they're feeling clingy or sick. They'll still play in their jumper/exersaucer, but not as long now that they want to get around on their own. Poor Lanore is not crazy about them being able to follow her now, but she's still much faster than they are! So she's least a little while longer.

Sleeping is going ok. Still pretty good at night, but they're waking a little earlier in the morning. (I think they hear Alex when he's getting ready for work, and they used to settle back down but now they don't go back to sleep. Bummer for me.) Still at 3 naps; the doctor didn't really have any advice for us on how to get down to two, but I think we're working towards that. They don't always fall asleep in the car anymore, and they do have trouble falling asleep in the stroller. I used to just be able to do errands and they'd fall asleep if it was nap time, now they really whine and fuss if they're tired. It's great that they like to sleep in their cribs! It just makes it hard for me to get out. I love that we have them on a pretty good routine, it's just hard to find time in the routine to leave the house between all the eating and sleeping we do!

Feeding time is getting more exciting. They're starting to pick up food and feed themselves; they still choke on puffs sometimes but they're getting better and more adventurous. Henry still loves everything, Holden seems to be getting more "picky" about what he wants. I need to get more creative with finger food ideas they can try. That's the one thing that seems so funny to me, that Henry really loves solid food and eats like he's starving (he cries if we don't shovel it in fast enough!) and yet he's still so much smaller than his brother. Teething has been hard on me, because they hurt me when they nurse and they're usually extra clingy or fussy. It seems like they're not as bothered with some of these teeth, like maybe they didn't hurt as much as the first bottom two. Henry got a top tooth on the side, which looks funny sticking out (and is very sharp). Holden got both of his top two teeth pretty close together.

In general, they're still happy, sweet boys! They love to be outside on the blanket, and we've gone swimming a few times in our baby pool or bigger pools. They like walks and playdates with their friends. I know we've got a lot to look forward to in the next few months! I'm planning their first birthday party, and I can't wait! Sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't decide between my favorites. Daddy and Grandma Gina must have been making them laugh! It's harder and harder to get them to sit still for a picture. The sign is pretty much demolished at the end of all of our sessions now. :)


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  1. How cute can two little boys be??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the photos. I've wondered about you and the boys with this heat. We don't go out much for play dates either :). Every day will be a new wonderful adventure for all of you. Hugs to you.

    Cousin Bonnie