Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Henry and Holden's First Birthday Party Part 1

Here are the long-promised party pictures! :) It was a great time. I was so glad the boys were in a good mood, since they didn't nap well beforehand. But they did really great and had fun playing with friends and family. The weather was perfect and we got to be outside to play in the yard. Lots of our friends were able to make it and share the day with us!
I'll do a longer post later with more details on cake, presents and decorations. But here are some cute pictures from the day. Hope you all had as much fun as we did! Thanks again for coming!

Grandma Amerman
Ian and Avery
Showing off the new baby!
Love my mommy friends!

This is an AMAZING shot of so many kids!! :) Definitely need to print this out! And how awesome are two sets of twins in one picture??
Grandpa love

Amerman side of the family
Grandma Suttner
Only shot with me in it...sigh. I was moving around too much I guess!
Suttner side of the family...look at all those cousins!
Blowing leaves
Coloring table!
Whale bubble gun! It was a little too popular...I should have bought more than one! :)
Our buddy Ian

What the boys were doing... (just kidding!)

Me and Ashlyn!

Me and Christie and our armfuls of kids :)

Pretty Brenna!

Cutie Ian!
Watchin' the action

LOVE and miss these two so much!
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