Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zoo Boo!

The boys ended up with a nasty cold and missed our friends' costume/Halloween playdate. I was SO bummed! But I still needed something fun to show off the boys in costume, and I'd never been brave enough to take them to the zoo. My friend Christie had taken her girls to Zoo Boo before, and my friend Ashlyn was excited and willing to accompany me! (No way was I trying the zoo without an extra pair of arms.) It was a little chilly, but their costumes are made of snowsuits, and I wasn't worried about them getting any other kids sick since they'd stay in their stroller. So off to Zoo Boo we went!

My mom and I made the boys' costumes with the fleecy one-piece snowsuits they sell and sewed on ears and tails we made with black fleece. I painted their faces as much as they'd let me. And, voila! Puppy costumes! (It's hard to see the ears and tails against the black stroller but trust me, they're cute.) I figured it was appropriate since they can both say dog and because they're still crawling. I was so hoping they'd be walking...but we'll have plenty of years for that!!

We saw the seals, went through the aquarium (they enjoyed the seals/sea lions as they swam by the window) and saw penguins. The polar bear looked pretty depressed and was pretty camouflaged by the rocks so I don't know if the boys even noticed him. In the forest area, we saw some loud gibbon monkeys! They were so funny, I couldn't believe two little monkeys made that much noise. The tigers were really pretty, but they didn't come up to the glass so I didn't get one of those cool, up close pictures. We saw some birds and flamingos before heading to the plains area where they had trick or treating. I was bummed they didn't have the giraffes or zebras out, I guess because it was too cold. But we saw rhinos, lions, and Henry pointed to a wildebeest and said, "dog." :) The lions were kind of far away, but it seemed like the boys were really looking at them! The elephants were really cool and the baby was hanging out, too. By that point the boys were pretty sick of the stroller, so we headed for the exit. I tried to get a few cute ones of them in costume, but didn't get any where they were both looking. 

Overall, I'd say it was a success! I was worried about taking them before they could walk, since it would mean they couldn't really get out of the stroller. Having Ashlyn there meant they both got out and held a little bit. (They both wanted to "push" the stroller when they were being held, so that was pretty funny.) I also didn't know if they'd care about the animals, but it seemed like they were looking at them. It was just hard for them to see much sitting in the stroller, since so many of the fences ended up blocking their view. But I think when we go back in the spring, it'll be a lot of fun and more animals will be out.   
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