Monday, March 25, 2013

17/18 Months

Another combined post because I'm so far behind. And I can hardly remember all the cool stuff they can do so this might be mostly pictures! :) They've got several new words, the nicest of which is "please." They can both sign it and Henry can say it. There is very little you can deny your child when he says "peese" and signs it at the same time!! Cutest thing ever. I think we are starting to see the language development that hits around 18 months. Both boys will repeat words we say now, sometimes pretty clearly. But then they won't keep saying the word, so it's like they were just trying it out. 

They are very much toddlers now...nothing is safe anymore. They climb up on the couch and are working on climbing the kitchen chairs. They love to get the remotes (they know which are the 'real' ones) and climb wherever necessary to get them. They also aggravate each other now quite a bit. If one is playing with a toy, and the other wants it or takes it, the twin without the toys is seriously pissed off. We are seeing lots of biting already. Alex says Henry started it, but it's mostly Holden we catch biting Henry at this point. And these bites leave some serious teeth marks...sigh. We get the classic temper tantrums when they can't have what they want, with lots of crying and stomping feet. They can't even share books anymore; the one further away will shove the closer one out of the way so he has the "best" spot near the pictures. Luckily, all of this is only with each other and they still seem pretty easy-going around all the other friends we play with. Part of the grumpiness might be all the teething, too. I think they should be done for a while now...but they have all of their front 12 teeth (the canine teeth were pretty miserable) and the molars behind them.

We're definitely ready for spring around here! The weather has been so back and forth...a few nice days to get outside and then days of cold or snow or rain. They really enjoy the backyard, with their climber, playhouse and all of the sticks and rocks! They both love to hold rocks, and Holden especially loves to put them in his mouth. Again, sigh. We've been trying to get out for more walks and have even ventured to a few parks. It's going to be a great summer once it decides to stay warm!

And clearly they were not very happy about me taking the 18 month pictures...still so hard to get a good one of them right now. I need to try and keep my camera out and at the ready...they don't hold still for long! 
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