Friday, March 22, 2013

Playhouse fun!

I had been looking for outdoor toys to add to our collection, since our yard is huge and I intend to be out as much as possible this summer. I found one at the consignment sale in March, bought it, brought it home, and then it immediately snowed on it that night. Sigh. So the boys had to wait a few days to play with it, but I think it is a success! It has a doorbell that really works, cute little windows with shutters, and kitchen table and two seats inside it. It also has a floor, which will be nice for when it's out in the yard and can't get too muddy. I felt like I got a few cute shots of them!

The other shots are a few randoms...a few from St. Patrick's Day and one of them both squeezed behind the couch which Alex took and I just found on the camera. Who knows what happened to get that shot! :) And the last one is Henry asking if he can eat all the yogurt raisins for breakfast...he would if I'd let him!


How did we get behind the couch...?
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  1. Holy Cow they're so big! And you can see in the pics that they have big personalities, too. They're adorable, thanks for updating!