Saturday, July 19, 2014

365 Project Week 28

Not a very exciting week! (They can't all be, right?) I was kinda giving myself a break, and took several quick shots with my phone this week. But that's ok! Looking forward to fall, when I know we'll have lots of fun stuff going on again.
Took some flower pictures after it rained, and saw the boys peeking out at me. :)

More flower pictures! These are cardinal flowers, I think, and the hummingbirds definitely like them.
Picnic on the back deck for lunch.

 We don't have any honey bees, but we have these giant fuzzy bumblebees! Tried to catch one on the saliva plant.

Friend date! Getting ice cream with my friend Laura. Meant to snap it when we first sat down, ha, but it was too yummy and I forgot. :)

Tired on the way home from playdate! I love carrying them to bed and when they sleep on my shoulder for a minute. It's blurry from my phone, but still love it!

Another phone picture...our first garden haul! It rained a ton and these zucchini grew practically overnight. And the middle is a Japanese eggplant...who knows why Alex wanted to plant that.


  1. I absolutely adore the shot of your boys in the window!!!!! Ssuch a great capture :)

  2. Love the white flowers! So pretty!! Love that you captured them peeking at you! So jealous of your zucchini, we aren't getting any!! :( cool looking eggplant. Love those!