Saturday, July 26, 2014

365 Project Week 29

Another week with lots of phone camera pictures. But I started the week well! I was so excited to see this awesome butterfly out front and was able to get some pictures before it flew away.

 And I took some family pictures for my friend Kelly, and it was a lot of fun! Camden made me work to capture some smiles, but I think she was happy with what I got. :)
Tuesday we went to the zoo, and I'm a sucker for feeding the giraffe. I think it's the coolest thing, so we do it every time!! 

Wednesday I forgot to take a picture before work, so all that was left was to take one of Lanore trying to sleep. Not my best, but oh well!
Phone picture! My mother in law made us a strawberry pie, so I was trying to capture the deliciousness. And embarrassingly you can see my drinks from breakfast, lunch, and, diet coke, and a margarita! Yikes! Guess I should drink more water....(Or clean more....)

More cardinal flowers. Walked around the yard a little but nothing new is blooming.

 Henry playing a serious game of euchre with his dad! It's a little fuzzy but a cute moment.

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  1. Great butterfly shots! I adore the family shots you got, I bet she's super happy! How fun you found someone to trade with!!