Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Oops, guess I'm getting behind again! Can't believe I'm getting this up so late. Here are some Halloween pictures with the boys dressed as puppies. I didn't get a lot of great ones, and I never got around to taking more of them in costume. They were still getting over a cold, and the evening was really cold out as well, so we didn't trick or treat very long.

We went to lunch with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Evan, then we stopped by both Grandma and Grandpa's work to say hi. After their nap, we went trick or treating with our neighbor Ashley, and her niece Ava. Ava was a super cute lady bug!! Like I said, we only went to a few houses because it was cold, and the boys were strapped in the wagon. Next year will be more fun when they can walk/run themselves from house to house!

Ashley got them a few treats, so in the last picture they are snacking. She got them some freeze dried strawberries, which Holden loved!! So that was our evening; it was fun, quick, and the boys had a super warm costume which ended up being a smart move this year. Happy Halloween!

Probably one of the best shots we got
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