Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 In Review

Well, I wasn't planning on it, but several of my blogger friends did a "year in review" type post, so it got me looking back at photos from the year. And now I'm doing a post like that, too! (Thanks, Christie and Kelly! :) I'm really glad I decided to do it, because it was pretty amazing to look back, especially the very beginning of the year. Here we go!

Not much I can remember that was too exciting. The boys were 5 months old and finally starting to laugh and show some personality. Hard to remember them being this small!!

My birthday, and the Super Bowl was in Indy. I got to go downtown and check out all the festivities, and we had my birthday party with friends at our house. Boys had their first Valentine's Day! 

Grandma's 60th birthday, and boys are 6 months old! They got to meet lots of friends and family at Grandma's birthday party.

First Easter! The boys had fun going through their baskets. We got to spend time with both families and enjoyed being outside more.

My first Mother's Day, which was a fun family day. We got a new double stroller so we could enjoy more walks. We also got our new minivan this month, which has been great! On Memorial Day, we saw the Suttner side of the family and had fun with cousins. The boys were on the move this month, as they learned to crawl!

Another busy month! Grandma and Grandpa Suttner celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, and we took our first road trip as a family. It was a successful trip to Atlanta to see our cousin Josh turn 1. We got to play in the pool and hang with the big cousins. Mommy also went back to work 3 days a week teaching music lessons. 

Our first 4th of July! We kept it low key and didn't try to see fireworks. Instead we enjoyed eating watermelon and crawling around at Grandma's!

We started planning for our birthday celebration and took pictures for our invite. We hosted the playdate at our house, and spent lots of time outside crawling in the backyard. 

We turned ONE! We had a great time at our party and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We tried to spend time outside and on walks. 

One of mommy's favorite months! Mom and Dad celebrated 5 years of marriage. We did lots of fun fall stuff, including hay rides and Zoo Boo and trick or treating. We were awfully cute dressed up as puppies.We also became very attached to a cardboard box that we loved to play with/ride in/sit in/climb in.

We both took our first steps this month. Holden walked a week before Thanksgiving, and Henry about a week after. We celebrated Thanksgiving in Bloomington with our Amerman cousins, and then again with the Suttners a few days later.

We had a great second Christmas. We really knew what we were doing with presents this year, and wanted to play with everything right away! We also really enjoyed Christmas lights and ornaments. We weren't so sure about sitting on Santa's lap this year. 

So it was a great year! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for these big boys. :)

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