Sunday, January 27, 2013

Children's Museum Fun

We got a pass to the Children's Museum for the boys' birthday from their grandma. We've only gone a few times, but I love it! I haven't braved going by myself yet because it makes me too worried one of them might wander too far without me seeing. But my friend Ashlyn has been able to go with us a few times, and we hope to go with some more friends in the future. They have an awesome cafeteria, but you can also bring in your own food, which is nice. So by the time we play and eat and head home, we are all pretty worn out!

We usually go to the Playscape/little kids' play area. They have a play house, complete with lawn mowers the boys love, a sand box area, a train track table, a construction vehicle they can climb in, and a "baby only" area that's separated from the other spaces. All that along with plenty of space to run around! The first time we went there was a winter wonderland type exhibit that the boys really liked. (Santa was there too, but mommy forgot to bring her camera. But it will be nice to go to the same place for pictures each year!) Other than that, we haven't yet found any other areas the boys love. But it's a big place and things change often, so I know we'll find even more to do and explore. There's a gecko exhibit open now, I think! We also checked out the carousel, but I think Holden was pretty terrified of it. Honestly, I can't really blame him, since the animal faces can look kinda creepy at first, and they're right at his eye level when someone is holding him! Henry seemed to do ok, so we'll try to ride it again next time!

Getting any good pictures is hard, since I feel dumb constantly taking pictures while the other parents are just sitting there, and it's hard to take pictures when I need to run after one or both of the boys! But I got a few I thought were decent enough to share. 

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  1. Aww! These are so cute! I'll go and take pictures with you (and keep an eye on the boys). We are thinking we might get a membership soon. I can't wait to take Cam. Worst mom of the year award goes to me: we haven't been yet! EEK!

    1. YES! We would LOVE to go with you and Cam sometime. Seriously let me know what times work for you. I've been thinking about going on a weekend morning, right when they open. Or if you don't have too much studying/work, we could go any weekday! But yes, he'd love it, so let's do it soon! :)