Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Part 3 and Snow!

So we didn't exactly have a white Christmas...but we sure got a lot of snow the week after Christmas! Alex wanted to go play in the snow one night after the boys went to bed, and I'm so glad we did! I wanted to get some cool pictures but it was hard to get any good ones. But it was so amazing, beautiful and quiet. We couldn't believe how much snow was just sitting on top of the fence and on tree branches because there was no wind. We took the boys out in it again the next morning, and they weren't so impressed this time. I think because it was so deep and their boots/pants make it hard to walk or move around. Maybe we'll get one more snow this year...who knows. Lanore definitely loves it though! 

Our friends Ben and Michelle stopped over for a visit, and Michelle always spoils the boys with more books. :) So we had a fun visit with them before heading down to the Amerman's. We had a great time chilling with cousins and eating, etc. No pictures from that night, but it's so sweet to see the boys playing with their older cousins. The big boys are so nice with them and Noah kept turning on the fan in the living room because all the toddler boys love to look up at it. 

The official "Christmas" meal was Sunday, and we opened presents after dinner. It is always crazy with so many people in the house, and it was getting late. So we didn't get a chance to get any good pictures, and we pretty much had to rush home after opening presents because the boys were getting cranky! Alex's sister took a cousin picture, so I will update when I get a copy from her. The chaos is part of the fun, though. With 10 cousins and 7 of them boys, it's pretty crazy. Alex took the group shot at the end, and it's not even everyone or all the kids! So that was Christmas 2012. The boys are very lucky to have family so close that we can easily spend time with both sides. And very spoiled by all the grandparents and aunts who want to hold and love them! :)

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