Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun at the Zoo!

My friend has a zoo membership, and was nice enough to let us visit with her! It was amazing how warm it was, and since there were so few people around, I felt comfortable letting the boys get out and walk most of the time. (Which they loved!) I can't wait to go back, as they seemed like they were really noticing all the animals. Their favorite part was definitely seeing the meerkats! I think they thought they were little dogs. The meerkats were right up by the glass and Henry and Holden kept pointing at them. Some of the animals weren't out, but the lions were also really active. It was probably more fun for me to see them right up at the fence; I think Henry and Holden were more excited about picking up sticks. I hope we get to go again soon since the boys learn and understand more all the time. They also play with their Little People zoo now, and like to make the growling lion sound. Now if only it would turn into spring around here....


Lions! Right up by the fence!
Thanks, Christie, for getting Holden to smile! :)
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