Sunday, February 17, 2013

Leah's Birthday

I had a super low-key birthday this year. (Hint to husband: next year should be big...haha, who am I kidding, he doesn't read the blog!) My only request was to get a few shots with the boys and with Alex. I feel like I haven't gotten nearly as many pictures as their first year because they don't hold all...ever. And I think with me working more in the evenings it's been hard to get stuff up on the blog. But I'll keep trying! So anyway, I think we got a few good ones. I look good in most of them, anyway! :) It's still hard to get both boys to look at the camera or smile, as seen in the family shots below. And the last two pictures are a comparison: Last year and this year on mom's birthday. See any growth or change? :)

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