Sunday, February 24, 2013

15/16 Months Dr. Visit

The boys' 15 month doctor visit was really closer to 16 months, so I'm combining them. I need to be better at writing down/remembering all the stuff they're doing these days, because they are truly learning and changing every day. At this visit, they enjoyed the fish tank and pointing out the fishies. I made sure to pack a lot of toys this time for while we were waiting for the doctor. They were not this mobile at the one year visit! I thought they did ok, but probably it was only because my mom was there, too. Not sure how I could keep them both contained/entertained by myself.

Some cute things they are doing: They love to throw away trash. If we have a diaper after changing them, they will run from their room and throw it away in the trash! It's helpful! Sometimes the diaper makes it into the bread drawer instead...but oh well. They are saying a few more words, and can sign "more" and "all done". They love to be chased, and still love hiding behind the curtains. They still love turning light switches on and off and really love fans. The one at my parents' house has to be on each time they visit! They are much rougher on poor Lanore, and we remind them to be gentle and just "pat, pat" instead of pulling her hair and poking her eyes! They are starting to identify parts of the body, including eyes, nose, and mouth, so they love to poke Lanore's eyes. Poor dog.

Sleeping and napping are about the same, and eating seems to change often. They will love something for a week and then be sick of it. They are much less willing to try new things at this point. But like I said, it seems to change all the time! They are always interested in what I'm eating, so they'll often take little bites from my food. I hope they're gaining and growing somewhat...they still fit in 12 month pants! :) That's all I can think of for now, I'll have to try and add more later if I think of it.

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