Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Holiday Park Trip

I have been reluctant to try out any parks, because I'm scared to go by myself. But when my neighbor Ashley was on spring break, we headed to Holiday Park for the first time. The boys had a blast! I had never really checked out the playground equipment there, but they have 3 different areas, including one that's mostly fenced off (which makes me feel a lot more secure.) It also has lower slides for smaller kids. They were excited to try everything out! I'm glad I brought my camera, but it's hard to get shots of them moving around! :) I know, I've never said that before... We went back another time and even checked out the nature center. That was also pretty toddler-friendly and had toys and dress up stuff and some live animals to look at. Hopefully we will go again soon and maybe even go for a trail walk, since I know there are plenty of trails to explore. I'm so glad we have such a nice park so close to us. Once they get a little older and I can trust them to listen to me a little better, I'm sure we will go all the time.

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