Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Twin Toddlers to the Doctor...

...Is difficult! My friend Ashlyn came with me, but it's hard to have down time in those rooms. As you can see they wanted to play with the roll of paper and pull open every drawer. Plus after you weigh them they have no clothes on! Sigh. I brought some toys that kept them occupied for a while. I already forget their weights, I think 22 1/2 pounds or close for both of them (and this was back close to 16 months). The nurse always talks about how close in weight/height/head size they are...Yup, they're identical! :) And our pediatrician still can't tell them apart, either. The trip was uneventful, they were mostly healthy but we found Henry had an ear infection. We don't go back until their two year appointment...which at this point seems to be approaching rapidly! Whew! :)

Wish I could keep better track of all their milestones, but it's hard to keep up with them! They really do seem to know a lot of words, and they repeat a lot of what we say. They don't really form any sentences yet, but I bet they'll start to put a few words together soon. They're pretty great kids! They still do well in the stroller and in carts when we go to the store and are pretty friendly and social with everyone. (They prefer me and whine the most when I'm around, but play fine once I'm gone! Sometimes Alex actually encourages me to go somewhere since they will play by themselves if I'm not there.) Naps and sleeping are both pretty much the same; they take one nap for usually close to two hours in the afternoon. They have been waking more at night, which I think happens around this age, and they go back to sleep pretty well. I think it's a little harder with it being light so early and for so long in the evening. I will add more if I think of it later but they're healthy, happy boys!
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