Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Playdate

So this one is mostly for my playgroup friends and mamas! I tried to post these on Facebook, but either that or my computer was being slow and wouldn't let me. Sorry I didn't get them up in a more timely manner! :) We had an Easter egg hunt playdate that was lots of fun! We wanted to go outside but it was still too wet, so we used Melissa's basement! So the pictures aren't the greatest, being that the basement was dark and the toddlers do NOT hold still! Especially while having a great time looking for eggs filled with yogurt raisins and puffs!! But we had a fun time and enjoyed a tasty brunch. I even made the cute little desserts! Go me! :) Peep rice krispie nests and lo mein noodle/chocolate/butterscotch nests. Yum!
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