Sunday, June 23, 2013

21 Month Update

I really need to do this type of post more often because they are changing and growing so fast! (I know it's cliche but it's true.) I know I will be disappointed with myself that I didn't keep better track of all the cute things they do at this stage.

They are learning so many words! My mom was away from them for a week while we were at the beach, and even she said she could tell a difference in their language skills. They love to repeat any words you say, and they are enjoying labeling things they come across, especially Henry. He loves to point out "glasses, keys, purse, shoes," etc. They can label all their body parts, and lots of their toys. Sometimes they surprise me with one, like helicopter, or Henry said "camel" the other day when we were playing with their zoo animals! Their new favorite is "burgers" since they watched Papa cook burgers on the grill. They have a toy burger in their kitchen and they enjoyed feeding it to me last night! I think their speech is pretty clear, for the most part. They say please and thank you pretty well, and it's the sweetest thing you ever heard when they say "bess you, dada" after a sneeze or cough. They even say bless you to the dog! :)

They are able to ask for more foods now, too. They will ask for crackers or juice or (unfortunately) candy. (And now chocolate milk. They make sure to watch me stir in the chocolate!) They shared their first elephant ear with me on the 4th of July, so I am creating some bad habits, I know! They are loving cooking in their play kitchen and are fascinated by knives and cutting. Since we still cut up lots of bites for them they always say "cut, cut" while we do it. Both boys love to make coffee with me. They know how to put the K cup in the Keurig and push the buttons. Then they help me get the cream from the fridge, pour in the sugar, and the most important step of all...stirring! Lord help me if they don't both get a chance to stir. :) They have an ice obsession now, too. They like to eat pieces of ice (which hopefully isn't too bad for their teeth?) and they love to point out ice in any of our cups.

People always ask me if they play well together. This question makes me want to say: Imagine you had someone exactly like you, who wants and is competing for all of the same things as you, your mom, your cookie, your toy, your, no they don't always play well together. I think they do great most of the time, but sometimes I do wish they could get a break from each other. They do have a really hard time sharing toys and books right now, which is pretty normal for this age. But as soon as one of them has discovered anything "interesting", then the other immediately wants it and is trying to pull it from him. Not sure when that will get any easier! It's about the same when playing with other kids their age. They do ok, but sharing isn't easy for any toddler, and it seems to be a little worse when it's here and with their own toys they have to share.

Henry is the helper. He likes to help us clean up and put toys and books back away. I think he likes to organize things a little more than Holden does, as in make piles or put things in and out of a container. We are trying to get into the habit of cleaning up before bed, at least putting toys into the bins, books on the shelf, and shoes away. Henry gets the high fives for helping us clean up! :) Holden wants to get into everything he can't have. He's the one reaching up onto the counter or climbing onto a chair to get stuff off the table. They are both still pretty rough with Lanore, although occasionally I see them give her a sweet and gentle hug.

They like to play outside, and love to push their lawn mowers to be like daddy. We haven't gotten to go swimming or to parks as much as I'd hoped yet this summer, but there's still time! They are pretty adventurous outside and love to swing and climb and explore. They love their kitchen and all their cars and balls inside. I'd like to get them some kind of doll that they could feed, etc. They love to push the baby strollers at our friends' houses! They also like to read books a lot more now, too. They have the patience/attention span to sit through a slightly longer book now, but their favorites are still mostly shorter board books. All of the ones with animal sounds are the best! The Sandra Boynton books are always a hit since they like the rhythm of them and they all have awesome animals.

Both boys are also going through a pretty clingy mommy phase. Alex says they play fine when I'm not here, but as soon as I get home they whine and cry until I'm holding them. He thinks I spoil them, but I'm not really sure what I do to make them like that! I'm just glad they seem to be fine as long as they can't see me. :)

Bedtime routines are still in place. They have to have their animals (panda for Holden and bulldog for Henry) and their blankets in their crib, and their sound machine on. They did pretty well sleeping in the pack and plays for a week at the beach, so that was awesome. They take one nap a day, from 12:30 or 1:00 to 3:00 or 3:30 most days. They always want me to rock them with their blankets before they lay down, but then after that, most times we don't hear a peep! Sometimes they will get their blankets and lovies and put themselves to bed...if they are really tired! :)

I think they are both teething with their back two-year molars. They both have been extra cranky at times and chewing on things or their fingers in the back of their mouths. I hope they break through soon, but my guess is it's going to take a while. But then we'll be done with teeth, I think. Yay! We will schedule a two year doctor visit soon, and probably a dentist visit around that time.

I can't believe how close we are to two! I have started planning their party, since I enjoy doing that stuff. Hopefully it will be a fun day for everyone, and I will take lots of pictures! I will try to do another update then, since I'm sure things will have changed with them again. I love my amazing little boys! :) I'm a lucky mama.

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