Friday, June 7, 2013

The Boys' First Haircut

Henry before

It was time....time for a haircut! This has been a hot topic in our house. Alex trimmed some hair in the back once before, but they hadn't had a "real" haircut yet. Again, Alex wanted to do it at home and have me learn how to do it! (And it definitely is more expensive to have to take two kids each time.) I'm sure I will get braver, but I still wanted the experience (and pictures) of going to get it cut. More and more people had commented that it was getting long, and one day I called Alex at work and told him I was taking them that day! My friend Ashlyn was with us, and my friend Amanda sent me a coupon (woo!) and off we went!

We went to the nearest Cookie Cutters and it was really cute! They had a play area and chalkboard table in the front, so the boys played a while before it was their turn. They had cool vehicles at each station and a TV with the Disney Channel on at each spot. Not bad! I tried to get some before pictures to show their mullet-esque style (the lighting was really terrible in there!) The whole cutting experience was probably 10 minutes for both boys, so it was fast. We just got the basic cut; I passed on the "first haircut experience" that came with a certificate and a lock of hair! ;)

Holden before

Henry went first, and liked sitting in his cool car. I think it was when she put the blanket/cape around his neck that he decided he wasn't sure about this. She started wetting down his hair, and he got even more upset! He cried through the whole thing, and it probably took her all of a minute to cut it! Alex told me not to let them cut much, since their hair is so fine and he thought they'd look bald. So she really just trimmed bangs, the back and by his ears and we were done! I should have brought his dog/lovie, since we had it in the car, and maybe that would have helped.

Holden seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing! He sat in his cool vehicle and didn't seem bothered by getting his hair wet or the scissors. I let him have his panda bear just in case, but I think he would have been fine. I think she was able to take a little more off with him since he sat pretty still. Good job, buddy!

Afterwards they both sat on the cool fire truck in the back, and Henry was happy again. I got a picture of both of them; they looked so grown up. They got to go down the slide again and each got a balloon. They loved bopping those around, and were pretty happy campers when we left! I think we will go back...not sure I'm ready to do it myself yet. But I'm also not sure how often you really need to take them. We'll see how fast it grows again.
Cool chalk table!
Not into this mom...get me outta here!
Aww...but doesn't he look so grown up? 
Holden on his cool vehicle
What's the big deal, Henry? This isn't so bad.
A smile!
All done!
Lookin' good!
Yay! Balloon fun!
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