Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkinfest 2013

We had a GREAT time (yes, capitals are necessary, this place is fun) at Pumpkinfest last year so I was so excited to go again this year. Last year the boys couldn't even walk yet and they had a blast, so I knew it would be awesome. Laura, Jacob and baby Cece came with us (even though she slept through the whole thing!) We checked out the pumpkins and tractors and got a few cute shots of the boys. The boys and Alex checked out the live animals while I got us a treat. Then it was time for a snack of freshly made apple cinnamon donuts (no pictures due to the messiness.) Yum! And we enjoyed some live music while we ate.
After that we took a hayride! It was a sunny but windy day, so we didn't need coats, but it was a little chilly when the sun wasn't shining. The boys checked out the playground area and the corn box play area before we headed to the big slides. Daddy and Jacob each took a few turns with the boys down the slide, and I think it's safe to say they all had fun. :) We took a ride on the tractor/train thing before heading into the corn maze. I always think this will be fun, and I always immediately want back out! But Alex has a good sense of direction and we've never gotten trapped in a maze overnight yet. ;)
LOVE these faces!!
Then it was time for one of my favorite parts! The boys get to pick out their own small pumpkin from the "patch". They picked one out for Cece, as well. (Actually I think they brought Laura and Jacob like 6 pumpkins and they just picked one for her!) After that it was pretty much time to go, but I always wish we could stay longer. Maybe next year the nap schedules will allow us a longer stay. They have pumpkin painting and other activities I know we could spend more time on. (Plus, Cece might get to enjoy a bit more next year, as in, be awake for part! :) But it definitely was a great day, and we will be back!


They would've stayed on the tractor all day if other kids hadn't wanted to climb up, too...
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