Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit from Meredith and Chris

My best friend from high school, Meredith, and her husband Chris were able to stop by for a visit. She's an ER doctor and she lives about 5 hours away right now, so this was the FIRST time she'd met the boys!! I was able to be in her wedding after the boys were born, but we decided not to bring the twins at that point, so it was awesome to see her and to see her meet my boys. She is actually pregnant with a boy herself (so exciting!) and so I dug through our baby clothes bin and gave her some outfits. (Clearly I do not need two of everything. :) I also loaned her my Boppy pillow, after explaining to her what it was! She brought the boys birthday presents, which they opened after their nap. They were really shy at first after waking up, but after reading some books together and trying out their new Playdoh, they were having a good time together! It was so nice to catch up for a bit and I can't wait to go visit her after her little boy is born. We promised not to let so much time go between visits anymore, so I hope we can stick to that. :)
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