Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Parties

We had several Halloween parties this year. The first was our play date group. We all got together and decorated treat bags and had lots of yummy treats for lunch (including "ghoul"ash!) The boys enjoyed decorating their bag, so that was pretty cute to watch them craft. All the moms brought something to pass out to the kids and they got to "trick or treat" with each person and put their treats in their bag. We tried for a group picture, but it gets harder and harder with that many people! I loved seeing all of the kids' costumes; they were all so cute. It was a great morning for sure!
"Hey, you're stealing my smarties!"

We also decided to have a Halloween party at the boys' music class, since it's on Thursday, and Halloween fell on a Thursday this year. The kids dressed up, and Mr. Todd picked out all of their favorite activities to do during class (including Ring Around the Rosie!) There is another set of twins in the class (crazy, I know) and they dressed as Thing 1 and 2. Everyone brought treats again, including crazy Mr. Todd who brought cupcakes!! Amazing there wasn't a huge mess, but the kids had great fun!
"Mmmm, cupcake. Thanks, Mr. Todd!"
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