Saturday, June 7, 2014

365 Project Week 23

Behind again, no surprise! But here are the pictures from this week. Have been trying to document flowers in my garden, but sometimes I even have a hard time with that. I try several settings but sometimes just can't get it to look like what I want or what I see in front of me! (Am definitely feeling that I'm "outgrowing" my current camera, but not sure when I can afford my next one! Pretty sure every photog feels this way...) But it will still be fun to have a record of everything blooming in my yard. Makes a nice change of pace to take pictures of plants instead of people.

The boys are finding wild strawberries all over the yard and picking them to show me. Cute!

I also had told them we were going to pick real strawberries! This was our first time doing it and it was fun. Will try to do a whole post about it, but here's a favorite picture from picking and then from ice cream cones (their first ever!) afterwards. Fun day!

My photog group takes lots of awesome pictures of rain/water droplets, so this is my slightly sad version. I need some tips! Or maybe a better lens, who knows.

Taking our traditional DAD pictures for Alex's Father's Day frame. Will post more in another post!

Brought my letters to our Friday playgroup and took the DAD pictures with several of the kiddos there. It was kinda fun to see all my pictures floating around Facebook on Father's Day!

Saturday was a zoo trip... I am a SUCKER for feeding the giraffe. I have to do it every single time we go (if the giraffes are out.) This is the coolest thing ever to me, I hope the boys love it as much as me! And last year they hated the carousel and this year they are into it. :) Things change, I guess!


  1. Love the water droplet picture. Great job! Next time, try to get different angles. Try capturing looking down the leaf. Get down and close to the leaves and capture them really close. Some lenses don't focus that closely, but maybe try that if your's will focus close. What are you shooting with? Great job though! The droplets are really sharp!

  2. I thought I'd add to Brooke's comment...I have to use my kit lenses for any water drop shots...the 1.5ft minimum focus just isn't close enough. I really like the photo where they are holding up their strawberry baskets...great perspective. Also, having your boys take pictures with the letters every year is such a great idea...I wish I had done something yearly with my boys that way, maybe I will have to think of something.

  3. I thought I'd add to Brooke's comment. I have to use my kit lens for water droplet shots. My 50mm 1.5ft minimum focus just isn't close enough for a good macro shot. I really like the photo of your boys holding up their strawberry baskets..great perspective! I also really thinks it's having them take photos of the letters for father's day every year is cute idea! I wish I had thought of something yearly for my boys, maybe I will have to come up with something.

  4. I adore the strawberry shot!! Great capture..