Saturday, June 14, 2014

365 Project Week 24

Two more weeks and I'll have made it half way through the project! Crazy! Proud of myself but also daunted at how much is still left... :)
Sunday we ate at my mom's. She has an amazing garden, so I tried my hand at more flower shots. Also got a cute one of Henry!

Monday I think I shot this after they'd gone to sleep. A collection of their "treasures" they brought me from the yard.  Tried to shoot from a few different angles...haven't felt very creative lately.

Tuesday was a strange day! The boys fell asleep in the car at 11:45, or WAY early. When they came in, Holden was still sleepy and laid down on the rug by the front door. Then Henry came over and laid next to him! Sort of a strange scene, so I took a picture.

Wednesday I went out to take a picture of the cool purple flowers blooming in front, and this squirrel in the tree yelled at me the whole time! He was on a pretty low branch, and was just squeaking at me and flicking his tail...I had to remind him that this is my house/garden/tree and he needs to chill out.

Thursday the boys were watching music videos in my bed. Again, I tried to shoot from a few different angles. Ignore my messy bedroom! :) We do have two windows, so I should probably figure out how to use that good light!

Another flower shot. I noticed the evening light was hitting them and wanted to try for a few good shots. It wasn't as sharp as I wanted but that's what I got for the day!

Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival at my parent's church. The lighting was tough, so some of my shots didn't turn out. I still struggle with sun versus shade and not messing up the background, etc. So I got a few of the boys getting their faces painted for the first time! Pretty cute.


  1. Great photos, Leah. I especially like the second one...great framing on your little boy. My favorite is probably the face painting in the mirror...great composition and creative story-telling image!

  2. love, love your flower shots this week.. and all those treasures your boys brought sweet are they? I love the things children bring to adults. Cute mirror shot of him checking out his new face painting.. I'm happy your room is messy, you should see mine.. ;)