Saturday, June 21, 2014

365 Project Week 25

Here's our week! Papaw came over on the motorcycle and the boys got to sit on it (yes NO riding it yet!) with him, which they enjoyed!

Trying to play with some evening light. Not a great shot but it was an attempt!

We went to the 100 Acres park at the IMA. The boys were not impressed, and this was the only picture I got! Maybe it was just too hot, but I hope we can go back and stay a little longer next time.

Rain on leaves! It's been a wet summer so far.

My first day lily opened and I tried to play around with some shots. This was my favorite! Also got one around bedtime of Henry and his trains.

Friday we went to Touch a Truck. Will try to share more about that in another post, but here are some faves. Holden in the bus and Henry in the fire truck. (And then a popsicle afterwards at home!)

I bought a roller coaster toy for the backyard, so I tried to snap a few pictures the first time they played with it. As you can imagine, things ended in tears a few minutes later as they got tired of taking turns. :)

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  1. Love the leaf shot with the droplets, great shape it has!! This summer has been so wet and wacky! Love the motorcycle shot, adorable! Great memory!!