Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First playdate

I'm so lucky to have a great breastfeeding support group that meets at the hospital really close to us. Through this group that meets on Fridays, I've met a lot of great moms! They've already been a huge source of support, which is something I need a lot of at times! (Ok, fine, all the time.) It's great to have people to talk about your worries with...and it helps me see that we're all going through the same stuff and we all worry about the same issues! We talk a ton about sleep...imagine that, sleep deprived new moms! Anyway, I'm excited for me to have some new friends that I'll hopefully get to know better, and I love that Henry and Holden will have some friends to grow up and play with that are so close in age. The boys seemed to really like going to group on Friday, and just see and hear different people and babies. (Like girls! Since they're probably tired of staring at each other. :)

A few of us decided to meet outside of group, and we had a really nice time. I think we all agreed how good it is to get out of the house for a while. And yes, I realize that the "playdate" is more for the mommies than the babies, but that'll change over time! I snapped a few pictures, one of all the boys (don't know why we didn't get a girl picture!) and one of Holden passed out on the recliner. Apparently it was too much fun! So if our group sticks together for a while, it'll be fun to look back on their first playdate and see how big they've all grown!

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  1. I LOVE that one of Holden passed out on the recliner. Haha!