Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ups and downs

Motherhood (and life in general, obviously) has its ups and I was able to see Friday and Saturday. I just have to remember next time I have a bad day that a good one is probably on the way!

Friday was a rough day. The boys were still cranky from getting four month shots. They've been fussy if I put them down, and it's hard to hold both of them and get anything else done! I was trying to get going in the morning after they'd woken all night (Henry at 2 am, Holden at 4 am, Henry at 6 am, Holden up at 8 am...) Alex was sweet enough to clean off my car because he knew I wanted to make it to my support group. I managed to get them both down, Henry in the swing, and Holden in our new jumperoo. I took a quick shower and came back to find that Holden had a poopsplosion...ALL over himself and his clothes. And as I'm trying to clean him up and scrub/spray his clothes (that of course have been worn one time and then pooped on), Henry is starting to fuss. I feed him for a few minutes and scramble around, trying to get all our stuff ready to leave and dry my hair and get them in the carseats and warm up the car. Of course, Henry is screaming from the carseat and I'm still racing around. I thought several times about giving up and staying home, but I do always feel better when I get out of the house and see people! I did make it to group, although I hadn't eaten and had left without a coat for me. (The boys were well bundled and wearing their cute animal hats! Need to get a picture of those.) My dad came over after group to hold Henry so I could eat lunch, and then after he left, Henry started fussing again. I saw then that HE had had a poopsplosion as well. Sigh. So after cleaning him up (and scrubbing another outfit in the sink), I decide he needs a bath. As I'm carrying him in the bathroom and about to put him in the tub, I realize he's peed on me as well!!! Let's just say this was a day I was counting the hours till daddy got home. :) I changed back in to my pajamas and watched the Ellen show with Holden, and after Alex got home, I took a nap!

Saturday was an awesome day! Alex fed the boys at 6:30 am for me, and I was able to stay in bed until 9. They still weren't up, so I was able to get up at a leisurely pace and even eat some oatmeal. Evan, Lauren and Phalo came over to hang out with and hold the boys, so Alex was able to get some things done around the house, and I was able to go shopping! I felt very productive, returning some things to Babies R Us, unexpectedly seeing some friends there with their adorable new baby, returning some things and buying some cute new shirts at Gymboree, and making a quick stop at the library. I got home and hung out with the boys for a bit until my parents arrived to babysit. Right before we left for dinner, I was rewarded with the cutest thing EVER, my dad making Holden laugh! Technology is so amazing...I was able to grab my mom's iphone and get a video. It's so special we get to remember that and share it with everyone! Then Alex and I got to catch up with four of our friends and have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We got home, I fed the boys, and they went to bed. As I was talking with my friend Laura, I thought I heard the boys...and I thought I heard laughing!! As we walked in the nursery, Henry was laughing, either at his brother or the mobile. Again, SO CUTE! I guess they were just in really good moods yesterday. :) What a great Saturday!

So here's your reward for reading all the way to the end: Here's the video of Holden! Enjoy!

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  1. I love that video. I bet they'll laugh at each other a lot. And PLEASE get video if they ever have a "baby conversation" like those twins floating around youtube!!