Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twin Cousin Birthday Party!

Ah! So behind in posting again. I know I always say that. But truly, the boys were sick and now this week I've been sick. But here's how we spent the weekend a while back!

My cousin Jenni has twin boys who just turned two. So she's been my "twin mentor", which is awesome. :) Nice to have someone to ask questions and vent to and fun to see what my boys will be doing in a year! (And I know all the "good stuff" to get or ask for, like her double stroller and her wagon! She tests everything out for me.) I remember at my baby shower last summer the boys weren't quite walking...and now I don't know how she keeps track of them both!

She had a really cute party for the boys. She had a circus theme, with games and face paint and everything...including a bouncy house! My boys just got to watch this year, but the bigger cousins had fun! The boys were still grumpy from being sick and teething, and it was a hot day. (Interject here to say how much I hate putting on sunblock...ugh. It gets everywhere, my clothes and their clothes and the stroller...yuk. Plus it turns the boys white for photos since it doesn't rub in! What can you do. Sigh.) But I thought they did pretty well! They got to be held by aunts and hugged by cousins and watch all the action.

It was fun to do our first "official" birthday party as a family. I'm sure they'll be many more as all the boys' friends turn one!  

I like this one. :)
Cousin love
With Aunt Janet
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