Wednesday, November 7, 2012

13 Months and a few Randoms

I decided to keep going with the month pictures but be a little less formal with it. So we took a few 13 month  pictures in our pajamas. I'm trying to remember if anything new happened this month. They both like to say "shoes" and are fascinated by putting on shoes and socks. (We pretty much have to use shoes to keep socks on, otherwise they just pull them off.) Still no walking, although they can both stand well and cruise around the furniture. They've gotten a little pickier with eating and don't like all the foods they used to. And they've sort of reverted back to liking the food packets more. I'm ok with this since I hate feeding them with a spoon (they want to do it themselves so it gets everywhere!!) and they can do the pouches themselves. And at least I know they got a little something to eat. 

October was a busy month, but very fun! Aunt Erica was in town for a weekend, so we got to see family and catch up a bit. Can't wait to see her again for her wedding!!! Alex and I also celebrated our 5th anniversary. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Evan babysat so we could go out to dinner. We tried to spend lots of time outside, and got in a few last walks and play times in the yard. I'm pretty sure by spring they'll want to be outside ALL the time. We also have a few box pictures...We had a box laying around for some reason and it became a favorite toy. It is really cute when they both climb in there together! They like to push it, climb on it, climb in it, and be pushed or pulled around in it. So don't be surprised when you see the battered looking box in our living room. :)  
Happy Fifth Anniversary!
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