Sunday, November 18, 2012

We've got a walker!

I'm making it official...Holden is walking! I should have put a poll up to see how many people thought he'd walk first. I think several people, including my dad and mom, thought Henry would, since he's "older" and he crawled first. I think being bigger and taller gave Holden the advantage! My brother said he had a dream that Holden walked first, so I guess I should trust his dreams in the future...

Last Thursday, Alex went to get the boys from my mom's and I ran next door for a second after I finished teaching. When I came back in the front door, Holden saw me and took 6 or 8 steps towards me! I couldn't believe it! I called my mom to see if he'd been walking all day and she just didn't tell me, and she said he hadn't. So then I had to get it on video, which took me a few days. But here's the proof! (And he likes to say, "wa, wa" when he walks because we always say "walk, walk" when he takes some steps. But at the end of the video he is not interested in walking more. :) 

So he's walking more and more, but still crawling a fair amount. It's so cute to watch. :) And Henry seems fine to stick with crawling, he can stand well on his own but never seems to want to venture to take a step. Hopefully I'll be posting about some of his first steps soon!

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  1. Yay, Holden! I would have guessed he'd be first too. :) Now Henry will soon follow since brother is doing it!