Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Getting behind it's almost Christmas! But we had a good Thanksgiving, so here are the pictures to prove it!

We drove down to Bloomington to Aunt Lesley's house. Aunt Stephanie and her boys drove up from Atlanta, so it was the whole crew and a full house! The boys wore their cute turkey shirts made by my friend Christie. I brought a fruit "turkey" as my contribution, which was popular with the kids, and Alex made an appetizer. I was hoping the boys would be up and at the table when we ate, but the timing was off. So they went down for their nap, and we got to eat dinner with the family! Mmmm...noodles and mashed potatoes, two kinds of fried turkey, and of course Grandma Gina's apple pies! Yum! The boys did great and had a fun time playing with cousins. Emma played her violin for them, which they all enjoyed, but we didn't get a good picture of. And then we have a few cousin pictures. (We always make an attempt, but it's hard to get that many kids to look at the camera and not cry! lol.)

Very popular fruit turkey! It did not survive very long. :)

I did some black Friday shopping by myself (woo!) Which was fun and got a few presents out of the way. Probably stood in line too long at Kohl's, but oh well! On Saturday we did Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Again, the boys missed the meal because they were napping, but they snacked on the leftovers. They seemed to like the cranberry sauce! Surprisingly they don't like mashed potatoes. Whose kids are these anyway??!! We were able to get a pretty decent family picture, and again the boys had a good day playing with family. Next year I'm sure they'll join us at the table and eat/throw food with us. :) Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

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