Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

I wanted a cute picture for our card this year, so here's a selection of outtakes and favorites from the photo shoot. :) We did it at my parents' house, so if they're not looking at the camera, it's because Grandma or Grandpa weren't right behind me and the boys were looking at them. Grandpa can always get a laugh! We had a couple different ideas, including the ornaments (plastic non-shatter obviously) and a wrapped box to put them in. (They have a box they love to play in in our living room.) So after a nap, we put on the Christmas jammies and went to town!! First, the four favorites. 

Now, for the outtakes!! It's nice to have digital memory cards and just be able to click away! We had several that were good of just one boy, so I cropped those to get one of Holden and one of Henry. If only I knew how to use the magic of Photoshop and combine different faces from different pictures! ;) Maybe next year.

The rest are just silly ones! They loved to put the ornaments in their mouths (which I'm sure is not great, but cut me some slack.)

And finally, here's the picture we chose and the actual card design! (I scanned it in so the quality's not great.) But overall, I thought it turned out pretty cute. :) Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas from Henry and Holden! 
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