Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playgroup Christmas Party (and Santa!)

Our play group had been planning a Christmas party/get together for a while, and it turned out so much fun! We had it at University High School, where we had our summer cook out. We all pitched in with pasta/Italian food, and yummy deserts. (I brought my salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars, which were requested! :) We had a hand print ornament craft for the kids. (That part didn't turn out so well, since most of the painted hand prints turned in to blobs! Oh well, memories!) We brought toys for the kids to run around with, and the boys had a fun time playing with the car and vacuum cleaner people brought. The moms did a Secret Santa that was really fun; everyone had really thoughtful and cool stuff. We also got super lucky that one of the moms knows the Santa who works downtown, and he came to the party to hang with the babies and take pictures with us! He was so sweet, he tried to get the kids used to being around him before letting anyone get on his lap. Unfortunately, it didn't work so well! Most of the kids cried!! But those pictures are cute, too. It was so nice to get the boys dressed up a little in their cute sweaters, and see all the other kids dressed up, too. And it's always great to get to talk to the moms and dads a little as we eat and play, etc. Everyone except one family was able to make it. Can't wait to make this a yearly tradition! Next year will be fun, too, when the kids are a little older and able to do more "activities" and crafts.

*My camera was being weird and having a hard time focusing, so some of them didn't turn out great. One of the other girls got the group shots on her camera and shared them with us. :)

And here's the Santa progression. Holden was fine sitting near him and even playing with the jingle bell stick. But once he was on Santa's lap, things went downhill fast! It's amazing the husband taking pictures was able to get this many shots! Lol. 

Thinking about it...
Nope, don't want to sit on this guy's lap!
Henry: Just chill out man, it's fine.

Holden: Nope, I'm done.

Henry: This guy's not bad. Kinda like grandpa.
Merry Christmas!

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